Chopt Catering Menu Prices

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Sometimes the secret to success is to pick a straightforward concept and do it very, very well, and the Chopt catering menu is a tribute to this idea in every way. Chopt is a restaurant chain that dedicates itself to providing incredible soups and salads at affordable prices but with a flair that makes its customers keep coming back for more. No two salads ever have to be the same when you’re ordering from Chopt, and your guests will be blown away by the sheer number of options they have from what is ostensibly a simple dish.

Check out their full catering menu below:


Classic Salads

Serves up to 8
Kale Caesar$70.00
Mexican Caesar$70.00
Kebab Cobb$70.00
Mexicali Vegan$70.00
Texas Po Boy$80.00
Santa Fe$70.00

Grain Salads

Serves up to 8
Mendocino Market$55.00
Smoky Santa Cruz$60.00
Mediterranean Falafel$60.00


Salad Sandwich & ChipsPer Person$11.50
Deluxe Salad Sandwich PlatterServes 8$115.00
Salad Sandwich & Grain Salad PlatterServes 16$180.00

Side Salads

Kale CaesarServes 8$35.00
Market SaladServes 8$35.00

Beverages & Snacks


Saratoga Natural Spring WaterServes 8$15.00
Saratoga Sparkling WaterServes 8$17.00
San PellegrinoServes 8$16.00
Spindrift SeltzerServes 8$16.00


ChipsServes 6$18.00


BrowniesServes 8$22.00
CookiesServes 8$22.00

Popular Catering Choices at Chopt

You’ve heard us say that we believe that every meal should with salad, now we expand on that statement. Sometimes the perfect salad is the meal, and anything else that arrives with it is merely a footnote. Your customers will feel the same as they tuck into the incredible offerings you can provide by ordering your catering from Chopt. Will you go for a meatless salad topped with crunchy walnuts and avocado? Or will you bring the sandwich without the bun in a salad drowning in steak, bacon, and chicken?

Check out their favorite offerings from these popular options:

Mexican Caesar

This salad is an incredibly popular option, and its little surprise when you consider that the blend of jalapeno peppers, tortilla chips, romaine lettuce, cotija cheese, and their free-bird grilled chicken may just be the perfect combination of ingredients, especially for the Tex-Mex lover. You can add corn, black beans, and avocado to round it all up!

Serve up to 8 with this delicious dish for $70

Kebab Cob

Cob salads are a popular option in many restaurants, and the Kebab Cob salad is just an expansion on that idea. Served along with spicy peppers, grape tomatoes, and Freebird grilled chicken you’ll love this dish. It’s all served on a base of kale & romaine, parmesan, and homemade croutons.

Serve your party of 8 for $70

Mendocino Market

Looking for a salad that’s free from meat? No problem! The Mendocino market salad is probably one of the best all vegetarian salads we’ve ever had. A combination of quinoa, millet, and lentil comes served with seasonal squash roasted to perfection, along with kale, purple cabbage, and broccoleaf. Topped with parmesan and charred red onion it’s truly an incredible dish.

Serve your party of 8 for $55

Salad Sandwiches and Chips

You know what salads can go great on? Sandwiches. While they don’t have many of these offerings for their customers, given that they focus on soups and salads, you can still get yourself a platter of salad sandwiches, chips, and a side salad (because they’re all about salads) for a group of 8.

Get your platter for $115

Enjoy Chopt’s Catering Offering

It all starts with a simple concept, a collection of tasty and tangy greens that will serve as the best base for a meal you’ve ever had. From these humble beginning, anything is possible, and your guests will be amazed at how satisfying a simple salad meal can be. Bacon and chicken, Quinoa crisps and cranberries, chickpeas and soba noodles, all of these can come together in the perfect catering event. Let your guests know they’ll be enjoying a great offering when they come, and to expect to be talking about your event for ages to follow. Deliver your one of a kind catering event today!