Cousins Subs Catering Menu Prices

Find Cousins Subs Catering Menu & Popular Food Choices

Ordering Cousins Subs to cater your event guarantees that you’re dealing with a company that believes in better, and provides the Cousins Subs Catering Menu to its customers in the hopes that they’ll recognize better when they see it. Cousins Subs has its roots in family, and ordering their services to catering your even guarantees that you’ll be having the best in hospitality delivered along with your sandwiches. Your guests will enjoy the traditional sandwich offerings and the ease and taste that they provide when they arrive. Why stress over your next event? Check out their full catering menu below:


Party Platters

Party BoxServes 6-9$36.00
Party BoxServes 10-15$60.00
Box Lunch (5 Inch)Per Person$3.19
Box Lunch (7.5 Inch)Per Person$5.00
Party ChipsServes 10$15.00
Party SoupServes 10$30.00
Party PackServes 10$40.00
Party SubsServes 10$32.00

Popular Catering Choices at Cousins Subs

This company has been producing high-end food for its customers for generations and is eager to do so for your event. You can call and know that you’ll get delicious fresh sandwiches delivered by people who know what it means to create a great meal from simple, fresh ingredients. You can serve groups as small as 5 or 6, or hundreds of guests just by calling them up and arranging for them to deliver their amazing food to your event.

Their most popular options can be found below:

Box Lunch

This is a straight-forward and simple way of feeding a large group of people without using a serving table or tray. Just order the Cousins Subs box lunch, and everyone will get a 7 1/2” sandwich, cookie, and chips served up in a convenient box that can be delivered to offices and work sites. Each box is aimed to serve one person.

Box Lunches are available for $6.00 each

Party Pack

Wanting to have a conference or are looking to feed a whole host of people in one place? Then its time to take a look at the Party pack. The Party Pack brings together 20 sandwiches combined with two bags of chips and a dozen cookies. When you’re serving an office or a pack of family and want to make it easy, its time for the Party Pack.

Get your party box for $45.99

Party Sub

Just wanting to get the biggest sandwich anyone has ever seen and let everyone have a slice? Then the Party Sub is the solution for you. This sub provides enough food for 6-10 people and can be made with custom toppings to ensure that it fits exactly the profile you’re looking for. You can even choose to have it made as a half-n-half to optimize your options.

Get your party sub for $29.99

Party Box

The Party Box is a simple and straight-forward way to feed a group of 6-15 people, depending on the size of the box you choose. These boxes come with up to 20 individually wrapped sandwiches made to your specifications so that you can easily feed a large group of people.

Get 12 pieces for $32.99 and 20 for $49.99

Enjoy Cousins Subs’s Catering Offering

Cousins Subs provides you with an option to feed your guests that will ensure that they get an assortment of healthy food with zesty flavors that will leave them happy and contented. These sandwiches are tasty and delicious and will feed your entire group without breaking the bank. Just give them a call and make the arrangements to have them delivered to your location, eliminating all the hassle of picking up the food and getting it to your location.