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Einstein Bros Catering Menu is the perfect place for a chewy, toothsome offering that will make the guests at any event smile and dig in. Everyone knows there’s nothing quite like a fresh, hot bagel shmeared with cream cheese, topped with butter, or served up with ham and egg to start your day off with. Some people prefer them as they come from the oven, and given how delicious bagels are we certainly can’t blame them. When you want to provide the perfect catered food to your guests, give Einstein Bros Bagels a call.

Check out their full catering menu below:


All Day Breakfast

Complete Breakfast For The GroupServes 20$123.99
Complete Breakfast For The GroupServes 12$49.99
Salmon & Bagels$89.99

Hot Fresh-Cracked Egg Sandwiches

Signature Fresh-Cracked Egg Sandwich Nosh BoxDozen$73.99
Signature Fresh-Cracked Egg Sandwich Nosh Box1/2 Dozen$39.99
Classic Fresh-Cracked Egg Sandwich Nosh BoxDozen$67.99
Classic Fresh-Cracked Egg Sandwich Nosh Box1/2 Dozen$34.99
Thintastic Egg Sandwich Nosh BoxDozen$67.99
Thintastic Egg Sandwich Nosh Box1/2 Dozen$34.99
Add-on Fresh-Cracked Egg Sandwich$5.99

Bagels & Shmear

Bagels & Shmear Nosh Box2 Dozen$30.99
Gourmet Bagels & Shmear Nosh Box2 Dozen$48.99
Bagels & ShmearBakers Dozen$15.49
Bagels & ShmearHalf Dozen$9.49
Gourmet Bagels & ShmearBakers Dozen$24.49
Gourmet Bagels & ShmearHalf Dozen$13.49
Bagels OnlyBakers Dozen$11.49
Bagels OnlyHalf Dozen$6.99
Gourmet Bagels OnlyBakers Dozen$18.99
Gourmet Bagels OnlyHalf Dozen$9.99
Shmearfuls Variety Pack2 Dozen$16.99
Shmearfuls Variety Pack3 Dozen$22.99
Add A Shmear$3.79

Individual Breakfast Boxes

Bagel & Shmear Breakfast Box$6.99
Pastry Breafkast Box$6.99
Powerbagel Breakfast Box$6.99

Sweets, Fruit & More

Sweets & Coffee BundlesServes 20$34.99
Sweets & Coffee BundlesServes 10$56.99

Pastries & Sweet Boxes

Mixed Bagels & Sweet Nosh Box$43.99
Bagels & Muffins Nosh Box$36.99
Sweets Nosh BoxBakers Dozen$30.99
Sweets Nosh BoxHalf Dozen$15.99

Yogurt Parfaits & Fruit Salads

Group Vanilla Strawberry Granola Parfait$29.99
Seasonal Fresh Fruit SaladLarge$49.99
Seasonal Fresh Fruit SaladSmall$20.99
Individual Greek Yogurt ParfaitSingle$2.79
Individual Greek Yogurt Parfait6 Pack$17.99
Individual Vanilla Yogurt ParfaitSingle$2.79
Individual Vanilla Yogurt Parfait6 Pack$17.99
Individual Fruit SaladSingle$2.79
Individual Fruit Salad6 Pack$17.99

Cookie & Sweets Boxes

Mixed Cookie & Pastry BoxDozen$21.99
Cookie Variety BoxDozen$18.99
Cookie Variety BoxHalf Dozen$10.99
Chocolate Hazelnut Pastry BoxDozen$12.99
Chocolate Hazelnut Pastry BoxHalf Dozen$20.99
Chewy Marshmallow Bar BoxDozen$21.99
Chewy Marshmallow Bar BoxHalf Dozen$13.99

Lunch Classics

Lunch For The Group

Lunch For The GroupServes 12$175.99
Additional Lunch OptionsLarge$59.99
Additional Lunch OptionsSmall$39.99

Lunch Sandwiches For The Group

Signature Lunch Nosh Box10 pc$72.99
Signature Lunch Nosh Box5 pc$38.99
Classic Lunch Nosh Box10 pc$69.99
Classic Lunch Nosh Box5 pc$35.99
Add on Nosh Sandwich$7.49

Sides For The Group

Potato Salad For The Group$23.99
Seasonal Fresh Fruit SaladLarge$49.99
Seasonal Fresh Fruit SaladSmall$20.99
Sweets Nosh BoxBakers Dozen$29.99
Kettle Chips1 Bag$1.00
Kettle Chips5 Bag$4.99
Kettle Chips10 Bag$9.99

Individual Sandwich Lunch Boxes

Tasty Turkey$9.49
Green Chili Club$9.49
Nova Lox$9.99
Albacore Tuna Salad$9.49
Hummus Veg Out$9.49
Harvest Chicken Salad$9.49
Turkey & Cheddar$9.49
Ham & Swiss$9.49
Thintastic Chicken Pesto$9.49

Individual Salad Lunch Boxes

Seasonal Almond Salad$9.49
Seasonal Chicken Salad$9.49

Fresh Salads For The Group

Seasonal Almond Salad For The Group$36.99
Seasonal Chicken Salad For The Group$38.99


Coffee & Group Beverages

Coffee For The Group$15.99
Orange Juice For The Group$9.99
Iced Tea For The Group$8.99
Iced Tea Lemonade For The Group$8.99
Hot Tea For The Group$15.99
Lemonade For The Group$8.99
Blackberry Lemonade For The Group$8.99
Strawberry Lemonade For The Group$8.99

Individual Bottled Beverages

Diet Coke$2.19
Glaceau Smartwater$2.99
Simply Orange$2.99
Simply Apple$2.99
Peach Tea$2.79
Honey Green Tea$2.79
Super Fruit Punch$1.49
Appley Ever After$1.49
Power-C Dragonfruit$2.19
Zero Rise Orange$2.19
Zero Squeezed Lemonade$2.19

Popular Catering Choices at Einstein Bros

Bagels are a great way to start out your day, an excellent bolster for lunches, and a great way to have a simple in-hand dinner at the end of the night. When you order from Einstein Bros Bagels, you get a selection of tasty offerings that are freshly baked every day, ready to be delivered to your event and served up to your guests. From plain bagels served as is to garlic bagels topped with ham and cream cheese, there are dozens of options you can choose from to feed your attending.

Their most popular bagels can be found below:

Baker’s Dozen Box

Straight-forward and simple, ordering bagels by the dozen, including the baker’s 13th, will provide a broad selection of bagels to your event at an affordable price. Each of these bagels can be anything you choose, including Blueberry Bagels, Pretzel Bagels, Egg Bagels, French Toast Bagels, and dozens of other options, including their gourmet menu.

The Bakers Dozen Will Run You $15.49

Egg Sandwiches

Their egg sandwiches are made with guilt-free cage-free eggs that are served up on their fresh baked bagels. You can select from their full signature menu including French toast on a French Toast Bagel, Ham & Swiss on an Everything Bagel, Cheddar Cheese on a Plain Bagel, and Applewood Bacon & Cheddar on an Asiago bagel, just to start the list.

Six for $39.99 or a dozen for $73.99

Signature Lunch Nosh Box

Einstein Bros Bagels are well known for their line of signature sandwiches, made just as their chefs imagined with a variety of farm-fresh ingredients ordered from local providers. These bagels include their special Thintastic Chicken Pesto on a Thintastic Bagel, Hummus Veg out on Multigrain Roll, and Harvest Chicken Salad on a Multigrain Roll, just to name a few.

5 for $38.99, 10 for $72.99

Classic Lunch Nosh Box

Slightly less expensive than their signature offerings, there is a list of their classic sandwiches that will come along and serve your guests in a fashion that will leave them contented and happy. You’ll find Albacore Tuna Salad on a Multigrain Roll, Turkey & Cheddar on Potato Rolls, and an assortment of others. Call today and order your batch of classic sandwiches.

5 for $35.99, 10 for $69.99

Enjoy Einstein Bros’ Catering Offering

Einstein Bros brings a classic offering of bagels to your event, providing easy to eat meals that will be convenient to distribute among an office or to transport to your family event. When you order these bagels, you’ll know that you’re receiving high-quality products made with care and professionalism by a company that knows how to do bagels right. Don’t let your next event wind up a wipe-out, call Einstein Bros Bagels and get your batch of delicious bagels today!