Flame Broiler Catering Menu Prices

Find Flame Broiler Catering Menu & Popular Food Choices

If you’re looking to bring healthy and filling food to your next event, the Flame Broiler catering menu might come in handy. This relatively new restaurant has over 200 locations spread throughout seven states — mainly in the Southwest. If you’re looking for a large amount of food for your next function, Flame Broiler can deliver the goods.

They’re well-known for providing different types of meat and rice bowls that promote a healthy lifestyle. They grill and marinade their meat, and give customers the choice between a variety of rices. They also have other side items for those who ware looking for a bit more flavor.

If you want to skip searching for a menu from Flame Broiler directly, just check out our online catering menu right here on our website.


Catering By Trays

Chicken Tray$45.00
Beef Tray$45.00
Beef & Chicken Combo$45.00
Organic Tofu Tray$45.00
Rice (White or Brown)$18.00
Steamed Vegetables$22.00
Cabbage Salad$22.00


Package AServes (8-10)$60.00
Package BServes (11-15)$88.00
Package CServes (16-20)$120.00
Package DServes (21-25)$155.00
Package EServes (26-30)$190.00

Other Items

Angus Beef RibsFull$8.99
Angus Beef RibsHalf$6.99
Chicken & Beef RibsFull$10.99
Chicken & Beef RibsHalf$6.99

Add Ons

Signature Short Ribs$3.00
Bottled Water & Canned Soda$1.50

Popular Catering Choices at Flame Broiler

Flame Broiler is the perfect solution for lunch or dinner catering for your next party or function. Wether you’re hosting guests, or you need food to help your co-workers get through the day, Flame Broiler can help provide enjoyable and health-conscious food!

At Flame Broiler, you can choose from a variety of different meat and vegetable plates. They also have other food options such as ribs, salads, and mixtures of multiple proteins. Most of their dishes come with white or brown rice. Check out some of the top catering menu items below!

The Chicken Plate

The Chicken Plate is probably the most popular menu on the Flame Broiler catering menu. It comes with grilled chicken and your choice of white or brown rice. The team at Frame Broiler value nutrition and avoid using unhealthy ingredients when producing their food. It’s a simple but tasty option.

It costs $7.95.

The Angus Beef Plate

If you like the sound of the Chicken Plate, but you’d rather have some red meat, the Angus Beef Plate is most likely your best option. Like the Chicken Plate, it comes with your choice of white or brown rice, except the Angus Beef Plate has Angus beef on top.

The Angus Beef Plate costs $8.60 but has plenty of food!

Tofu Bowl

If you’re looking to cater for some vegetarians, the Tofu Bowl is a great way to make sure you’re accommodating everyone as much as possible. It’s charbroiled and placed on a bed of white or brown rice. The perfect meal for someone who’s looking to avoid meat!

The Tofu Bowl is $5.50.

Side Salad

If you think some of the guests at your function would prefer to eat something a little lighter, you should consider ordering the side salad. It’s filled with greens and a tasty homemade dressing. It’s perfect if you want some additional nutrition alongside the bigger meals.

The side salad costs $3.45.

Enjoy Flame Broiler’s Catering Offering

If you’re looking for a nutritious catering experience for your guests, Flame Broiler is always a good option. They may stick to the basics, but they provide healthy, filling food at an affordable cost. Make sure to look at their full catering options before making any decisions — they have a variety of different menu items available, all of which are sure to fit anyone’s preferences.

As Flame Broiler is a franchise based company, you’ll need to contact your local branch to help organize catering — they don’t have an online catering order form. Regardless, they can provide a range of different meat and vegetarian plates at an affordable cost — best of all, their portion sizes are sure to please any appetite!