Freshii Catering Menu Prices

Find Freshii Catering Menu & Popular Food Choices

If you’re looking for a fresh, affordable way to cater your next event or function, the Freshii catering menu might come in handy. Freshii is well-known around the country providing a range of different healthy and tasty menu items for their customers.

Freshii is best-known for their wraps, burritos, and lunch boxes. They also provide a range of great salads and other health-conscious items. The best thing about Freshii is that they have a catering-specific menu that can help you save time and money.

Don’t bother ordering food from a restaurant that only wholesales their traditional menu items. Freshii can provide you with a fun, creative catering solutions that are sure to bring your event or function to life.

Don’t bother searching hours for their catering menu, you can find it right here on our catering menu website — it includes menu items and pricing!


The Shareables

Fruit BowlServes 8 - 10$40.00
Vegetables & DipServes 6 - 8$25.00
Trail Mix Box24 Pieces$30.00
Multigrain Pita + Hummus$20.00
Spicy Lemongrass Soup$35.00
Assorted Home Style Cookie Basket12 cookies$22.00
Assorted Home Style Cookie Basket24 cookies$30.00
Assorted Home Style Cookie Basket36 cookies$40.00
Popchips / Kettlechips$1.80
Apple / Banana$0.75

The Group Salad

Group SaladRegular$28.00
Group SaladLarge$45.00

Family Style Rice & Noodle Bowls

Family Style Rice & Noodle Bowls$28.00

The Wrap Box

Junior Platter6-8 people$48.00
Junior Platter with Protein6-8 people$60.00
Varsity Platter12-15 people$90.00
Varsity Platter with Protein12-15 people$120.00
Senior Platter18-22 people$130.00
Senior Platter with Protein18-22 people$180.00

The Lunch Combo

Lunch Combo$10.00
Lunch Combo with Protein$12.00

Group Breakfast

Pastry PlatterServes 4 - 6$15.00
Green Apple MuesliServes 8 - 10$30.00
Slow Cooked OatmealServes 8 - 10$30.00
Greek Yogurt ParfaitServes 6 - 8$40.00
Grilled Breakfast Burrito Platter$35.00
Grilled Egg Pocket Platter$20.00
Assorted BeveragesPer Person$1.50

The Group Salad Bar

Minimum Order of 10 People
Group Salad BarPer Person$10.00

Popular Catering Choices at Freshii

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to provide breakfast, lunch, or dinner for your guests, Freshii can help you with it all. They have a comprehensive menu with a range of options that are sure to please anyone you’re providing food for. They’re capable of providing food for both large and small events — their menu items can be tailored to fit your party or function.

They have salads, soups, breakfast platters, pastries, hummus, and much, much more! We’ll take a look at some of their popular catering items below!

The Lunch Combo

This is the classic lunch box that can help you bring your catering game to the next level. It comes with an entree, cookie, and a snack (fruit, chips, or trail mix). You can also include a soda instead of a cookie if you prefer.

If you purchase The Lunch Combo without a protein entree it’s $10.00. With a protein entree is $12.00.

The Group Salad Bar

The Group Salad bar is a fun way to cater your event. Freshii will provide a full salad bar for the amount of people you request. It comes with a choice of five different greens, five proteins, 21 toppings, and an additional 20 premium toppings. You also get to choose your dressings.

Freshii has a full list of items you can choose to include on your salad bar. It’s $10 per person (min 10 people).

Varsity Platter

The Varsity platter is the perfect way to feed 12-15 people. It comes packed with wraps or burritos of your choice. You can also choose different sizes if your catering needs vary.

The Varsity Platter comes priced at $120 with protein, and $90 without protein.

Pastry Platter

If you’re looking to provide your guest or co-workers with a light breakfast, the pastry platter is an extremely popular option. It includes a vast assortment of breakfast-oriented pastries. It feeds 4-6 people.

Each Pastry Platter comes priced at $15. You can order as many as you like, but you need to submit order forms by 11 AM the day prior to your event.

Enjoy Freshii’s Catering Offering

No matter what time of day your event is being held, Freshii is a good option for your function or event. They have locations spread throughout the country — there’s sure to be one located nearby if you want to take advantage of their catering offering.

If you’re looking to shy away from the unhealthy catering options many other restaurants provide, Freshii is a good alternative. With an extensive catering menu that is fully customizable, there aren’t many better options on the market.

Freshii’s catering specific menu makes it easy to take advantage of their services for large groups. Contact your local chain today to organize your event’s food options.