Giant Catering Menu Prices

Find Giant Catering Menu & Popular Food Choices

Giant’s catering menu prices offer you a world of good food at good prices. They have fruit and veggie trays, sandwiches, chicken, and seafood.

Their Corner Shoppe Bakery can decorate cakes and craft breakfast trays filled with bagels or muffins and nut bread.

Meat and cheese trays are always a hit. Tastes from other parts of the world are offered with their French, Italian, or Spanish cheese boards. It’s always nice to sample something different, like a Gorgonzola Piccante, every once in a while.

If it’s sandwiches you’re after, Giant makes a big, round party sub, or you can get a 3-foot long sub. Finger sandwiches are available, too. More detailed options are listed on the menu below.


Holiday Dinners

Holiday Ham DinnerServes 6$59.99
Holiday Turkey DinnerServes 7$59.99
Holiday Sides KitServes 8$27.99


Meat And Cheese Trays

Boars Head Create-Your-Own Meat & Cheese TrayMedium$49.99
Boars Head Create-Your-Own Meat & Cheese TrayLarge$69.99
Boars Head Lower Sodium TrayServes 16$49.99
Boars Head Signature Selections TrayServes 14$49.99
Store Brand Create Your Own Meat & Cheese TrayMedium$39.99
Store Brand Create Your Own Meat & Cheese TrayLarge$59.99
Boars Head Primo Italiano TrayServes 16$49.99
Boars Head Sweet & SavoryServes 16$49.99
Deli Classics TrayMedium$39.99
Deli Classics TrayLarge$69.99
Deli Supreme TrayMedium$39.99
Deli Supreme TrayLarge$69.99
Boars Head Deli Supreme TrayMedium$49.99
Boars Head Deli Supreme TrayLarge$69.99
English Cheese BoardServes 8$24.99
Euro Traveler Cheese BoardServes 8$24.99
Entertainer Cheese BoardServes 8$19.99
Store Brand Fancy SelectionsLarge$39.99
French Cheese BoardServes 8$24.99
Italian Cheese BoardServes 8$24.99
Spanish Cheese BoardServes 8$24.99

Specialty Cheese Trays

Boars Head CharcuterieServes 14$39.99
Mozzarella and TomatoServes 20$29.99


Mini Sandwich Party TrayServes 12$29.99
Mini Sandwich Party TrayServes 18$34.99
Mini Sandwich Party TrayServes 24$39.99
Mini Sandwich Party Tray - Boars Head MeatsServes 12$34.99
Mini Sandwich Party Tray - Boars Head MeatsServes 18$39.99
Mini Sandwich Party Tray - Boars Head MeatsServes 24$45.99
Wrap Party Tray - GIANT MeatsServes 12$35.99
Wrap Party Tray - GIANT MeatsServes 10$29.99
Wrap Party Tray - Boars Head MeatsServes 12$39.99
Wrap Party Tray - Boars Head MeatsServes 10$34.99
Finger Sandwich Platter - GIANT MeatsMedium$29.99
Finger Sandwich Platter - GIANT MeatsLarge$39.99
Finger Sandwich Platter - Boars Head MeatsMedium$39.99
Finger Sandwich Platter - Boars Head MeatsLarge$49.99
Party Subs - Boars Head Meat (American Sub)Serves 15$49.99
Party Subs - Boars Head Meat (Italian)Serves 15$69.99
Party Subs - Boars Head Meat (Italian)Serves 15$89.99
Party Subs - Giant Meats (American Sub)Serves 15$39.99
Party Subs - Giant Meats (Italian)Serves 15$49.99
Party Subs - Giant Meats (Turkey)Serves 15$69.99
Condiment TrayServes 15$19.99
High Roller PlatterServes 15$29.99
Roast Beef SlidersServes 12$27.99
Turkey SlidersServes 12$27.99
Ham SlidersServes 12$27.99
Combo SlidersServes 12$27.99


Wings of PlentySmall$29.99
Wings of PlentyMedium$49.99
Wings of PlentyLarge$69.99
Boneless Chicken Wing PlattersMedium$29.99
Boneless Chicken Wing PlattersLarge$49.99
50 Piece Fried ChickenServes 25$36.99
Fresh Fried Chicken Tender PlatterMedium$39.99
Fresh Fried Chicken Tender PlatterLarge$64.99
100 Piece Fried ChickenServes 50$72.99

Miscellaneous Deli Items

Amish Macaroni SaladServes 20$9.99
Creamy Dutch Potato SaladServes 20$9.99
Homestyle Red Skin Potato SaladServes 20$9.99
Honey Lemon Bow Tie SaladServes 20$12.99
Melon with ProscuittoServes 15$19.99
Bread Dipper TrayServes 12$14.99
Snackers DelightServes 20$29.99

Seafood Market

Natures Promise Jumbo Shrimp PlatterServes 8$16.99
Natures Promise Jumbo Shrimp PlatterServes 15$48.99

Fruit And Veggie Trays

Veggie TrayMedium$18.99
Veggie TrayLarge$29.99
Fruit TraySmall$19.99
Fruit TrayMedium$27.99
Fruit TrayLarge$35.99
Gourmet Vegetable TrayServes 25$36.99
Build Your Own Fruit TraySmall$22.99
Build Your Own Fruit TrayMedium$30.99
Build Your Own Fruit TrayLarge$39.99
Build Your Own Veggie TraySmall$19.99
Build Your Own Veggie TrayMedium$25.99
Build Your Own Veggie TrayLarge$36.99

Corner Shoppe Bakery

Cookies & Dessert Trays

Fruit TartServes 10$9.99
Cheesecake SamplerServes 8$16.99
Chocolate Chip Cookie TrayServes 30$19.99
Cookie Lovers Variety TrayServes 30$9.99
Festive Cookie TrayMedium$19.99
Festive Cookie TrayLarge$34.99
Cookies & Brownie TrayServes 30$19.99
Nut Bread / Pound Cake TrayServes 15$20.99
Mini Pastry PlatterServes 16$15.99
Assorted Whoopie Pie TrayServes 15$19.99

Cakes & Cookies

Decorated Sheet CakesServes 16$25.99
Decorated Sheet CakesServes 30$39.99
Decorated Sheet CakesFull Serves 60$54.99
Decorated Sheet Cake - No FillingServes 16$17.99
Decorated Sheet Cake - No FillingServes 30$32.99
Decorated Sheet Cake - No FillingFull Serves 60$46.99
Decorated Sheet Cake - With Premium FillingServes 16$22.99
Decorated Sheet Cake - With Premium FillingServes 30$35.99
Decorated Sheet Cake - With Premium FillingFull Serves 60$56.99
Cake and MoreServes 18$19.99
Festive Cupcake TrayServes 24$19.99
Novelty KupKakes - 12 Cup CakesServes 12$12.99
Novelty Kupkakes - 24 Cup CakesServes 24$21.99
Novelty CakeServes 10$13.99
Chocolate Chip Message CookieServes 10$12.99

Breakfast Trays

Breakfast Favorites TrayMedium$19.99
Breakfast Favorites TrayLarge$29.99
Early Riser Bagel TrayServes 20$18.99

Popular Catering Choices at Giant

When you choose Giant, you know you’ll find the perfect food items to brighten up whatever occasion you’re planning. They offer shrimp platters, macaroni or potato salads, fried chicken platters, and specialty cheese trays.

They don’t have a lot in the way of entrees. However, their tray options are great for events where not everyone will be sitting down to eat at once. Check out some of their popular items below.

Italian Cheese Board

You’ll feel like you’re really relaxing in the Italian countryside if you close your eyes and take a bite of the parmigiano reggiano. Also included in this item are three other Italian cheeses and a sprinkling of carmelized walnuts, dried cherries, and dried apricots.

These specialty cheese trays are a little taste of luxury.

Decorated Sheet Cake

These cakes are perfect for any occasion – birthdays, work parties, anniversaries, retirement parties, etc. You can get them with or without filling.

Depending on the size of your group, you can order ¼ size for up to sixteen people, ½ size for thirty people, and full size for up to sixty people! They can be decorated per your specifications.

Finger Sandwiches

One of the simplest catering items you can find, finger sandwiches are perfect for a quick snack. Giant’s offers either its own brand deli meats or Boar’s Head brand. Each tray has an assortment of turkey, roast beef, ham and Swiss, and chicken salad sandwiches on both white and wheat bread.

Enjoy Giant’s Catering Offerings

Giant has everything you need to throw a great party. Unlike some caterers, this also includes corsages, boutonnieres, and balloons. Many people love the fact that they can order these as well as food.
Remember Giant next time you need some quick snacks for a big group. You might find they are just what you need!