Giordano's Catering Menu Prices

Find Giordano's Catering Menu & Popular Food Choices

Giordano’s catering menu can provide you with all the food you need for your next event or function. Don’t bore your co-workers or clients with the same old food options, try bringing Giordano’s along to provide delicious and filling Italian-American favorites.

At Giordano’s there’s no shortage of wonderful menu items to choose from. While the restaruant is best-known for their pizza, they also have a ton of other great meals that can help you provide variety when you next order catering at your business or organizatoin.

Most of the food they provide can be fully customized — you won’t need to worry about not being able to provide for specific preferences or allergies.

If you’re in a rush, don’t spend hours searching through the internet. We have all the Giordano’s catering menu pricing listed right here on our website!


Starters & Sides

Cheesy Garlic Bread16 Pieces$14.50
Ripe Tomato Bruschetta12 Pieces$25.50
Crispy Chicken Tenders15 Pieces$25.50
Chicken Wings30 Wings$29.95
Fried Mozzarella12 Pieces$16.50
Antipasti PlatterServes 12$29.95
Mini Italian Sausage Skewers24 Pieces$29.95
Caprese Skewers24 Pieces$29.95
Mediterranean Pasta SaladBowl -Serves 10$15.95


Signature MinestroneBucket$46.50


Served with Focaccia
Original Chicago Chicken Chopped SaladSmall Bowl$49.50
Original Chicago Chicken Chopped SaladLarge Bowl$78.95
Giordano House SaladSmall Bowl$33.50
Giordano House SaladLarge Bowl$66.50
Harvest SaladSmall Bowl$41.50
Harvest SaladLarge Bowl$66.50
Greek SaladSmall Bowl$41.50
Greek SaladLarge Bowl$66.50
Caesar SaladSmall Bowl$33.50
Caesar SaladLarge Bowl$53.50
Antipasti SaladSmall Bowl$45.50
Antipasti SaladLarge Bowl$72.95

Salad Boxed Lunch

Minimum 10 boxes, price per box
House or Caesar Salad$11.95
Greek or Harvest Salad$13.95
Antipasti Salad$14.95
Chicken Chopped Salad$15.95


Sandwich varieties: Chicken Club, Italian Market Deli, Caprese Tomato & Mozzarella, Tuscan Chicken, Italian Roast Beef, Turkey Avocado, Ham & Provolone Pretzel, Mediterranean Wrap
Sandwich TraysTray$84.95
Deluxe LunchPer Person$14.95
Sandwich Boxed LunchPer Box$11.95

Italian Beef

Traditional Southside Italian Beef Tray10 Sandwiches$84.95
Giordanos Northside Italian Beef Tray10 Half Pies$89.95

Rigatoni Pasta

Served with Focaccia. Substitute Cheese Tortellini for Rigatoni for +$10.00
Chicken Carbonara RigatoniHalf Pan$51.95
Country-Style RigatoniHalf Pan$44.95
Classic Rigatoni Specialties with Marinara SauceHalf Pan$33.95
Classic Rigatoni Specialties with Marinara Sauce & MeatballsHalf Pan$44.50
Classic Rigatoni Specialties with Meat SauceHalf Pan$37.95
Classic Rigatoni Specialties with Pesto Cream SauceHalf Pan$47.95
Classic Rigatoni Specialties with Tomato Cream SauceHalf Pan$37.95
Classic Rigatoni Specialties with Alfredo SauceHalf Pan$46.95
Classic Rigatoni Specialties with Alfredo Sauce, Chicken & BroccoliHalf Pan$2.95

More Italian Specialties

Served with Focaccia
Oven Baked Lasagna10 Slices$63.95
Chicken Parmesan16 Half Breasts$63.95
Chicken Limone16 Half Breasts$59.95
Chicken Vesuvio16 Half Breasts$61.95
Mamas All-Beef Meatballs16 Pieces$23.95

The Famous Stuffed Pizza

Cheese + 1 IngredientLarge$28.00
Cheese + 2 IngredientsLarge$31.00
The SpecialLarge$34.00
Chicago ClassicLarge$34.00
Meat & More MeatLarge$35.75
Fresh SpinachLarge$28.00
Super VeggieLarge$34.00
Bacon BBQ ChickenLarge$34.00
Chicken Sausage DeluxeLarge$34.00
Add Additional Ingredients$3.00
Add Fresh Garlic or Onions$1.75

Thin-Crust Pizza


Cheese + 1 IngredientLarge$24.00
Cheese + 2 IngredientsLarge$27.50
The SpecialLarge$30.50
Chicago ClassicLarge$30.50
Meat & More MeatLarge$32.25
Fresh SpinachLarge$24.50
Super VeggieLarge$30.50
Bacon BBQ ChickenLarge$30.50
Chicken Sausage DeluxeLarge$30.50


Cheese + 1 IngredientLarge$24.50
Cheese + 2 IngredientsLarge$27.00
Chicken PestoLarge$24.00
Spinach, Artichoke & FetaLarge$24.00
Classic MarghettiLarge$22.75
Add Additional Ingredients$2.25
Add Fresh Garlic or Onions$1.00

Pizza Party Packages

Party Package 1Per Person$16.95
Party Package 2Per Person$18.95
Party Package 3Per Person$19.95


Note: these items may vary from day to day.
Soup of the DayBucket$46.50


TiramisuServes 18$64.50
Chocolate Layer CakeServes 6$31.95
Mini CanoliPer Dozen$13.95
Lemon Bars or BrowniesPer Dozen$15.95
Assorted CookiesPer Dozen$17.95


Bottled Soft Drinks20 oz$1.95
Bottled Aquafina Water20 oz$1.65
Bottled Soft Drinks2 Liter$3.25

Popular Catering Choices at Giordano’s

Giordano’s famous Chicago-style Italian food is the perfect option for both lunch and dinner. If you’re in need of large amount of food, Giordano’s has big servings and the ability to provide catering solutions for extremely large groups. While they don’t have specific catering deals, you can order as much as you like from their traditional menu for your next event or function.

Whether you want pizza, sandwiches, desserts, salads, or other sides, Giordano’s can deliver! We’ll check out some of their fan favorites in more detail below!

Chicago Classic Pizza

If you’re going to order food from a Chicago-style Italian restaurant, you should always keep their most popular pizza in mind. The Chicago Classic Pizza comes on thin crust and is loaded with pepperoni, mushrooms, green peppers, and onion.

You can also make special requests if you need extra toppings or certain items removed. A large Chicago Classic Pizza will cost you $31.25.

Italian Beef Sandwich

Another Italian-American classic, the Italian Beef Sandwich comes loaded with tender Italian beef, sweet peppers, and spicy giardiniera all loaded inside of a garlic Italian roll. You can dip it in a cup of beef jus.

If you’re looking for a filling sandwich that Giordano’s customers enjoy, this is your best option. It comes priced at $10.25.

Giordano’s House Salad

There’s likely to be someone at your function that would prefer to have something a bit healthier. The Giordano’s House Salad is designed specifically by the restaurant and happens to be one of the most popular items on their menu.

It comes loaded with spring greens, romaine lettuce, arugula, radichhio, baby tomatoes, and tons of shaved fennel on top — you’ll also find lemon vinaigrette sprinkled on top. The starter salad is $5.25.

Garlic Bread

What better way to start an Italian-American meal than with some Garlic Bread? The Giordano’s Garlic Bread comes topped with garlic and seasoning and also includes a side of marinara sauce for dipping!

You can order as much as you like, but each serving will cost you $4.75.

Enjoy Giordano’s Catering Offering

Giordano’s is always a popular choice no matter what time of year it is. Their menu is both filling and affordable — it’s sure to get the attention of your co-workers or guests.

While the brand is best-known in Chicago, it actually has branches throughout most major areas of the country. You won’t have to worry about being too far away from where you end up ordering your catering.

The restaraunt also has a great online web portal that you can use to order your food. It allows you to customize your different menu items to ensure you’re catering for all your guest’s preferences. Best of all, you can pay directly online with your credit card — if you’re looking for a fun, convenient catering option, Giordano’s has you covered!