Houston's Catering Menu Prices

Find Houston's Catering Menu & Popular Food Choices

Houston’s menu prices below can be brought to your event by their mobile catering system. They offer “full-service” mobile catering for any kind of event. They can come to you anytime throughout the Western United States.

They also offer to come serve firefighters or any sort of group like that. Houston’s has a great menu full of hot breakfast meals, sandwiches and burgers for lunch, and steaks and salads for dinner.

In other words, you can have whatever you want. Check out the menu prices and options below for further information about what Houston’s offers.


Traditional Favorites

Sirloin Beef Tips With RicePer Person$8.50
Sugar Cured Smoked HamPer Person$8.50
Roast Beef With GravyPer Person$8.50
Fried Chicken TendersPer Person$8.50
Homemade MeatloafPer Person$8.50
Chicken & DumplingsPer Person$8.50
Chicken Cordon BleuPer Person$8.50
Cajun Chicken BreastPer Person$8.50
Fried Chicken BreastPer Person$8.50
Salmon CroquettesPer Person$8.50
Hamburger SteakPer Person$8.50
Beef StroganoffPer Person$8.50
Chicken Pot PiePer Person$8.50
Salisbury SteakPer Person$8.50
Lemon Pepper Chicken BreastPer Person$8.50


Cajun Chicken Pasta AlfredoPer Person$8.95
Spaghetti With Meat SaucePer Person$8.95
Beef Tips With NoodlesPer Person$8.95
Homemade LasagnaPer Person$8.95
Chicken FlorentinePer Person$8.95
Chicken ParmesanPer Person$8.95

From The Smoker

Houstons Hickory Smoked Pulled Pork BBQPer Person$8.50
Hickory Smoked St. Louis Style Pork RibsPer Person$9.95
Houstons Smoked Beef BrisketPer Person$11.50
Houstons Smoked Boneless Pork LoinPer Person$8.50
Houstons Smoked TrifectaPer Person$14.95
Houstons Smoked Half ChickenPer Person$9.50

From The Grill

Boneless Chicken Breast (With Choice of Seasoning)Per Person$8.50
Kabobs (Beef or Chicken)Per Person$10.95
Houstons BurgerPer Person$6.95
Meat Market RibeyePer Person$14.95
New York StripPer Person$14.95
Boneless Pork ChopsPer Person$9.50
Top SirloinPer Person$11.95
Grilled Steak SandwichPer Person$8.95

Other Favorites

Houstons Taco SaladPer Person$7.50
Houstons Fajita (Beef or Chicken)Per Person$9.95
Loaded Baked PotatoPer Person$6.50
Teriyaki Chicken Stir FryPer Person$8.50

Dessert Choices

Chocolate Chip Cake$1.75
Mississippi Mud Pie$1.75
Lemon Ice Box Pie$1.75
Frosted Brownies$1.75
Peanut Butter Pie$1.75
Coconut Cake$1.75
Lemon Bars$1.75
Carrot Cake$1.75
Pecan Pie$1.75
Assorted Cookies$1.75
Blonde Brownies$1.75
Banana Pudding$1.75
Red Velvet Cake$1.75
Heath Bar Cake$1.75
White Chocolate Bread Pudding$2.95
Cheesecake With Topping$2.95
Apple Cobbler$2.95
Peach Cobbler$2.95

Popular Catering Choices at Houston’s

We will share one popular item from the breakfast menu, lunch menu, and dinner menu so you can be well prepared for any meal you may be planning on serving at your event. Hey, and remember that no one ever said you can’t have breakfast for dinner!

Cowboy Breakfast

This is one of Houston’s specialty breakfasts – and will definitely keep your guests full and happy at any time of the day. If you are the kind of person that wants to have breakfast for dinner, this is a good choice for you because it still has steak!

The Cowboy Breakfast is “tender chunks of sirloin steak with hash browns, cheese, two egg, cover with Bob’s country gravy and toast or pancakes.

I’m full just thinking about it!

Butter Garlic Shrimp

If you know that your crowd likes seafood, you want to make sure that this is in your catering truck. This shrimp is grilled and lightly buttered, and is served on top of rice pilaf.

This is a unique dish that will impress any guests who want a little taste of the sea.

Houston’s Famous Chicken Fried Steak

This chicken fried steak isn’t like any other – it is lightly breaded with Houston’s special breading. Like the Cowboy Breakfast, it is also topped with Bob’s country gravy.

The best part is, you can trust that it is good because it is Houston’s #1 seller!

Enjoy Houston’s Catering Offerings

Although the three meals above are very popular, that doesn’t even begin to touch the menu. There are many options available that will satisfy any guest that is craving any sort of classic American food.

There are also kid’s meals options for any young critters that will be attending your party or get together.

Enjoy Houston’s “Trails End Restaurant” for your next event, and impress your guests with a big Houston’s mobile catering truck.