Ike's Place Catering Menu Prices

Find Ike's Place Catering Menu & Popular Food Choices

The Ike’s Place catering menu can help you bring the fun into your next event or function — they offer creative sandwiches for those who want to bring lunch or dinner to their next event. With tailor-made names for their sandwiches at each location, Ike’s Place is a little different depending on the destination you visit.

Most of the Ike’s Place branches are scattered throughout California, so they’re a great choice if you’re looking for something in any of the state’s major cities. Ike’s Place is happy to accommodate large orders if enough notice is given — you might want to call a few days prior to your event.

While they typically allow you to choose from a wide variety of custom-made sandwiches, they’re also happy to accomodate requests if your guests have preferences or allergies.

If you want to find the Ike’s Place catering menu, it’s right here!



Your Favorite Peanuts Character$9.99
Sometimes Im A Vegetarian$8.98
Meatless Mike$9.99
Peg Bundy$10.99
Purple Bee$9.99
Natalie Wood$8.98
Go Sharks$9.99
Reading Rainbow$8.98
Holy Name Panthers$8.98
Tom Brady$12.21
Handsome Owl$8.98
Chester The Cheetah$5.95


Creamy Corona$3.39
Room Service$4.94
Breakfast At Tiffanys$5.95
The Wright Meal$6.96


Spiffy Tiffy$9.99
Hollywood SF Cheesesteak$9.99
Mayoose Ca-BLT$9.99
Lizzy Lips$8.98
Hot Momma Huda$9.98
Rum Rum$8.98
Matt Cain$9.99
Going Home For Thanksgiving$8.98
Fat Bastard$8.98
Barry Bonds$9.99
The 49er$8.98
Jon Lum$11.11
Hella Fat Bastard$9.99
Jim Rome$9.99
Steve Young$9.99
Bill Walsh$8.98
Paul Reubens$8.98
We Are Just Friends$9.99
Dont F with Elvis Kieth$9.99
Menage A Trois$9.99
Tony Sprano$8.98
Huda & The Jillyfish$9.99
Adam Richman$11.11
Skogee The Kaveman$9.99
Dan Marino$9.99
Stephan Jenkins$8.98
Jared Galleria of Meatballs$12.21

Add Ons

Extra Cheese or Cream Cheese$1.01
Grilled Mushrooms$1.91
Extra Meat$2.92
Real Honey$2.02
Gadfather Sauce$2.02
Habanero Sauce$2.02
Honey Mustard Italian$1.01
Beer Battered Onion Rings$1.91

Popular Catering Choices at Ike’s Place

Ike’s Place can provide both tasty snacks and filling meals — you can choose from all their menu items for lunch and dinner. If your staff or co-workers love sandwiches, there isn’t a much better option in California.

There are tons of different menu items to choose from, some have meat, while others are vegetarian or vegan. There’s more than enough ways to accommodate your entire guest list.

Below are some of the LA locations most popular menu items. Remember that each locations uses different, locally-inspired names for their sandwiches.

Hollywould’s SF Cheeseteak

If you think your guests want a filling and tasty sandwich, the Ike’s Place Hollywould’s SF Cheesesteak cannot be underestimated. This fan favorite is extremely delicious — it includes sliced rib eye, mushrooms, and provolone cheese.

The sandwich is served hot — your guests or co-workers will not be dissapointed. The cost of the sandwich is $8.98.

Elvis Keith

Looking for something creative to ‘wow’ your guests with? The Elvis Keith is a brilliant combination of halal chicken, teriyaki, Swiss cheese, and tasty Wasabi mayo!

The sandwich is truly a sensory overload! The total cost of the Elvis Keith is $9.99.

Vegan Reuben

If you love the taste of a Reuben sandwich, but don’t enjoy eating meat, this is the perfect solution for you. The Vegan Reuben is the best way to get one of New York’s favorite sandwiches without the beef.

This sandwich comes with french dressing, poppy seed coleslaw, vegan turkey, and vegan cheese! The price of the sandwich is $8.98.

Chester the Cheetah

Think you might have some guests that love a grilled cheese sandwich? The Chester the Cheetah is the Ike’s Place version of your cheesy favorite. You can choose up to four cheeses to have melted in your sandwich.

The Chester the Cheetah sandwich will cost you just $5.95.

Enjoy Ike’s Place Catering Offering

Whether you’re looking for a refreshing sandwich, or a meaty cheesesteak, Ike’s Place can provide you with the catering you need. If you’re sick of the generic sandwiches large chains have on offer, try a local chain that’s committed to providing excellent food.

Catering can be organized via each local branch — they don’t have an online ordering function, so you’ll need to call to place a large order. Remember, you should provide them with notice if you intend to need food for very large groups.

Ike’s Place is the perfect fit for anyone who wants to spice up their catering options — give them a call today and begin ordering some of California’s most famous sandwiches!