Pancheros Catering Menu Prices

Find Pancheros Catering Menu & Popular Food Choices

If you’re looking for quick and easy Mexican food, the Pancheros catering menu is the perfect way to get yourself the food you need for your next event or function. If you’re sick of boring, bland catering food, you’ll find plenty of flavor in the Pancheros menu.

Pancheros is a nationwide chain of quick-service Mexican restaurants that puts the control in your hands. Their menu is fully customizable — you can create whatever type of Tex-Mex dishes you like.

They’re also happy to provide catering for large groups of people — they can be a great option if you’re looking to bring a bit of Mexican flavor to your next party or meeting.

Instead of spending hours looking for their catering menu, you can find all the information you need right here on our menu website!


Catering Packages

Taco BarPer Person$8.45
Bowl BarPer Person$9.45
Burrito BoxesPer Person$6.45


Chips & QuesoServes 6$18.00
Chips & GuacamoleServes 6$18.00
Chips & SalsaServes 6$12.00


Bottled WaterPer Person$2.00

Popular Catering Choices at Pancheros

Lunch and dinner are popular times of day at Pancheros — their loyal customer base enjoys the range of options available to them for the two most important meals of the day. If you’re looking for something affordable, their entire menu is extremely competitively priced.

You’ll find tacos, meat bowls, quesadillas, salads, sides, and much more on this flavor-filled menu. They can also provide drinks for your next event as well.

If you need some guidance on what to order, check out their popular catering menu items below!


As a Tex-Mex favorite, the Pancheros Burrito is sure to be a crowd pleaser. It comes with your choice of meat and vegetable, grilled into a flour tortilla. You can also add rice, cheese, salsa, and black beans.

The Burrito is extremely filling, so it comes as a surprise that is only costs $6.35!


If you’re going to order Mexican food, it’s hard to overlook the Tacos. The Pancheros Tacos come with two tacos with marinated or grilled meats, veggies, lettuce, cheese, and salsa — all packed on flour tortillas!

For two tacos you only pay $4.95 — another bargain on the Pancheros catering menu.

Chips and Queso

There’s no better way to start a meal than with the Tex-Mex favorite, Chips and Queso. If you’re unfamiliar with Chips and Queso, it’s a melted cheese with added spices that you eat with tortilla chips — if you’ve never tried it, you’re missing out.

An order of the Pancheros Chips and Queso costs $2.95.


It’s alway important to consider those who may want something a bit healthier when you’re ordering food. The Pancheros salad comes with lettuce, pinto beans, cheese, your choice of meat or veggies, and salsa — it’s super filling despite being a salad!

The salad will only cost $5.95.

Enjoy Pancheros’ Catering Offering

As you can see Pancheros is an extremely affordable choice if you’re looking for some Mexican flare at your next event. You won’t have to worry about leaving anyone out, they have a wide-ranging menu with plenty of different options.

The best part about Pancheros is the fact that you can customize all their menu items as much as you want. You can also make all of their menu items vegetarian if some of your guests would prefer non-meat options.

You can order by calling your local branch directly, as Pancheros locations are franchises, they don’t have an online ordering portal. Don’t revert to the boring catering ways of yesterday, order Pancheros today!