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Find Piccadilly Catering Menu & Popular Food Choices

The Piccadilly catering menu is a great option if you’re looking for a mixture of homestyle cooked food and great sharing platters. The chain has become popular with people specifically because of their ability to cater for large events.

Much of the Piccadilly business model is built around making your life easier by providing delicious, affordable food in large quantities. It’s the perfect catering partner if you want someone who is an expert at feeding large groups and events.

With a catering menu that touches on every flavor imaginable, it’s hard to think why you wouldn’t choose Piccadilly for your next catering event. They mix Southern homestyle meals with traditional American favorites.

Below we have outlined the Piccadilly catering menu so that you can get a better idea of what to expect when you make your order.


Party Trays

Fried Chicken Platters

Fried Chicken Breasts8 Pc.$21.99
Fried Chicken Breasts12 Pc.$30.99
Fried Chicken Breasts16 Pc.$38.99
Fried Chicken Breasts20 Pc.$47.99
Fried Chicken Wings8 Pc.$8.99
Fried Chicken Wings12 Pc.$11.99
Fried Chicken Wings16 Pc.$13.99
Fried Chicken Wings20 Pc.$15.99
Fried Chicken, Dark Meat8 Pc.$11.99
Fried Chicken, Dark Meat12 Pc.$16.99
Fried Chicken, Dark Meat16 Pc.$21.99
Fried Chicken, Dark Meat20 Pc.$23.99
Fried Chicken, White Meat8 Pc.$16.99
Fried Chicken, White Meat12 Pc.$21.99
Fried Chicken, White Meat16 Pc.$26.99
Fried Chicken, White Meat20 Pc.$33.99
Fried Chicken, Mixed, White & Dark Meat8 Pc.$11.99
Fried Chicken, Mixed, White & Dark Meat12 Pc.$17.99
Fried Chicken, Mixed, White & Dark Meat16 Pc.$21.99
Fried Chicken, Mixed, White & Dark Meat20 Pc.$26.99
Chicken Tender Gameday Packs8 Pc.$25.99
Chicken Tender Gameday Packs12 Pc.$47.99
Chicken Tender Gameday Packs16 Pc.$69.99
Chicken Tender Gameday Packs20 Pc.$89.99

Meat Trays

Favorite Three - Roast Beef, Ham And American CheeseServes (14-18)$33.99
Favorite Three - Roast Beef, Ham And American CheeseServes (25-30)$42.99
Party Assortment - Roast Beef, Ham, American Cheese & Swiss CheeseServes (12-15)$31.99
Party Assortment - Roast Beef, Ham, American Cheese & Swiss CheeseServes (20-25)$42.99
Party Deluxe - Roast Beef, Turkey And HamServes (12-16)$42.99
Party Deluxe - Roast Beef, Turkey And HamServes (20-25)$44.99

Veggie Trays

Dippers Delight - Assorted Fresh Vegetables With Ranch DipServes (20-25)$24.49
Dippers Delight - Assorted Fresh Vegetables With Ranch DipServes (30-35)$31.99

Fruit Trays

Fruit FiestaServes (20-25)$24.49
Fruit FiestaServes (30-35)$37.99


Each Entrée is served with 2 Sides & Breads
Value EntréeIndividual$6.99
Classic EntréeIndividual$7.99
Signature EntréeIndividual$8.99
Premium EntréeIndividual$9.99

Group Dinning

Group Special DeluxeIndividual$12.50
Group SaverIndividual$10.00
A.M. SpecialIndividual$7.50
Kids ComboIndividual$4.99

Popular Catering Choices at Piccadilly

Piccadilly has something for everybody — it doesn’t matter if it’s lunch or dinner, they have menu items that will leave you full and satisfied. They also provide breakfast on the weekends if you’re looking for some food earlier in the day.

You can choose between roast meats, vegetables, soups, salads, party trays, sides, desserts, and a range of breakfast items. They also provide drinks and refreshments for those who need them!

It’s hard to narrow things down, but we’ve created a section below with all of the fan favorite menu items that Piccadilly has to offer.

Feast with Turkey

While it’s most popular during the holidays, the feast with Turkey is a great option year-round. It comes with a whole baked turkey, cornbread dressing, a dozen rolls, cranberry sauce, and turkey gravy.

It’s sure to feed a group of six or eight people. The whole feast comes priced at $69.99.

Fried Chicken Wings Platter

The Fried Chicken Wings Platter is the perfect choice if you want something for your guests to snack on. it comes with 20 fried wings and you can also request dippings sauces if you’d like to add some extra flavor.

Each platter of 20 fried wings will cost you $24.99.

Sliced Baked Ham

If you want to bring some baked ham to your next event, the Piccadilly Sliced Baked Ham is certainly worth ordering. You’ll receive whole brown-sugar-basted sliced ham.

Unlike their other menu items, this is sold by the pound. Each pound costs $9.99 — a bargain considering how tasty it is!

Apple Pie

If you’re looking for something sweet to finish off your meal, why not try the world-famous Apple Pie? Piccadilly is well known for its pies, so this is a great option if you’re looking for a crowd pleaser.

Each pie can serve around eight people and comes whole. The entire pie will cost you $18.99. You can request for a no added sugar version of the pie as well.

Enjoy Piccadilly’s Catering Offering

While Piccadilly is known for its holiday packages, it is the perfect option to serve at your event or function no matter what time of year it is. If you think that your guests will enjoy their homestyle cooking, there’s no better place to look.

With 40 locations spread throughout the Southeast of country, you’ll need to be in this region to take advantage of their catering offerings. You can order any of their catering menu items directly through their website, although you’ll need to pick it up from your local branch.

Why waste time and money on food that isn’t satisfying? Piccadilly has everything you need to bring homestyle food to your next catering event!