Pizza Hut Catering Menu Prices

Find Pizza Hut Catering Menu & Popular Food Choices

Through Pizza Hut’s catering menu, you can bring the party right to your home or office! You already know about their great pizza options but their catering menu offers up items like hearty pasta trays and flavorful wings!

Catering options can be fully customized at Pizza Hut so that you feed the perfect number of people at the lowest possible price.

Never settle for a mediocre party or business meeting! Give the people what they want and order from Pizza Hut! They have something to satisfy everyone’s cravings and leave them full without emptying your wallet.



Pepperoni Lovers PizzaPer Person$5.99
Meat Lovers PizzaPer Person$5.99
Supreme PizzaPer Person$5.99
Veggie Lovers PizzaPer Person$5.99
Sausage PizzaPer Person$5.49
Chicken Supreme PizzaPer Person$5.99
Super Supreme PizzaPer Person$5.99
Cheese PizzaPer Person$499
Ultimate Cheese Lovers PizzaPer Person$5.99
Primo Meats PizzaPer Person$5.99
Italian Meatball PizzaPer Person$5.99
BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger PizzaPer Person$5.99
Bacon Spinach Alfredo PizzaPer Person$5.99
Udis Gluten Free PizzaPer Person$9.99


Creamy Chicken AlfredoPer Person$9.00
Meaty MarinaraPer Person$9.00

Wings & Sides

Bone-In Buffalo WingsServes 2$7.00
Bone-In Buffalo WingsServes 2$6.75
Breadsticks With Marinara SauceServes 3$4.25
Ranch DressingPer Person$0.79
Cheesesticks With Marinara SauceServes 3$5.25
Marinara SaucePer Person$0.79
Straight-Cut FriesPer Person$1.99
Blue Cheese DressingPer Person$0.79

Side Orders

Extra ToppingPer Person$1.50
Specialty RecipePer Person$3.00
Cheese Breadsticks or Cheesy Garlic BreadPer Person$1.00
Brownie or CookiePer Person$2.00


Baked Cinnamon Sticks With IcingServes 3$4.99
Hersheys Triple Chocolate BrownieServes 8$5.99
The Ultimate Hersheys Chocolate Chip CookieServes 8$5.99


Assorted Individual SodasPer Person$1.50
Assorted 2L Soda BottlesServes 4$3.50

Popular Catering Choices at Pizza Hut

No matter what you’re looking for in your catering experience, Pizza Hut has a menu item to cover it!

You can order salad and wings for an afternoon happy hour or load up on pizza and pasta for a late-night work marathon. Keep your team of employees energized!

For parties, you can mix and match! Order something that everyone will love and keep the mood swinging for hours on end.

Pizza Hut hasn’t failed to satisfy its customers since 1958 when it started! They make everything right and ensure that the favorites listed below are available when you need them!


You know that Pizza Hut is going to have killer deals on their main item! When ordering for an event or party, you can get 5 or more large, 1-topping pizzas for $8 each. That is about 2/3 of the regular price!

Be sure to specify your favorite toppings and ask about free extras like crust flavors and seasoning. Your party is about to get started!

Wing Tray

This is the perfect item to order when everyone is gathering out your house to catch a ball game! Pizza Hut will deliver straight to your door and let you fully customize your wing orders.

Choose any of their six sauces, from Garlic Parmesan to Buffalo, and get to dipping! Only $76 for a 72-wing tray.

Baked Pasta Tray

Many people are unaware that Pizza Hut serves Italian-style pastas. A few years ago they realized their potential for making family night and parties even better.

Whether you’re looking for meaty marinara or an Alfredo pasta, Pizza Hut has you covered. You can get a 9″x 13″ tray with 10 bread sticks for only $20.

Fresh Garden Salad

If you’re looking to keep it light for a working lunch or other event, then Pizza Hut has the salad just for you! For $20, you can get enough salad to feed 20 people!

Its the perfect size for a small to midsize company or as a side dish at a large family gathering. Make sure you have this option at your next party!

Enjoy Pizza Hut’s Catering Offering

You’ve probably heard that no one “Out-Pizzas the Hut.” But now you know that they serve so much more than just Pizza!

They’ve been dishing out family-style favorites like pasta, salad, and wings for almost 60 years! No one is more prepared to take care of your next business meeting, family gathering, or party!

Get the food that you want, when you want it, for the price you want to pay! That is what Pizza Hut has been dedicated to for so long. It is about you, the customer, and how they can make your night or event the best possible!