Port Of Subs Catering Menu Prices

Find Port Of Subs Catering Menu & Popular Food Choices

Port of Subs catering is your best option for your next work meeting or party! They provide perfectly portioned trays that allow you to easily determine how much you need and satisfy everyone at your event!

At Port of Subs, they employ true sandwich artists that are dedicated to the freshness and quality of your food.

You can expect consistency and quality along with great presentation and quick service. From sandwich trays to meat and cheese trays and fruit trays to dessert trays, Port of Subs is there to help you make your next event the best yet!


Party Trays & Subs

2-Foot Classic Sub$15.79
6-Foot Party Sub$42.99
2-Foot Sub with Salad CenterServes 4$21.00
Spectacular Sub AssortmentServes 10-12$35.00

Meat & Cheese Trays

Admirals Meat and Cheese Headliner$50.45
Main Course Meat and Cheese Masterpiece$49.89
Top Deck Meat and Cheese Champion$52.25
Savory Cheese and Salami Nibbler$48.78

Fruit & Veggie Trays

Fruit and Cheese DelightServes 15-20$20.00
Fruit Feast FantasyServes 15-20$22.00
Fruit MedleyServes 15-20$22.00
Vegetable Garden SplendorServes 10-15$20.00

Wraps & Salads

Wrap TrayServes 15-20$45.00
Garden SaladServes 15-20$20.00
Caesar SaladServes 15-20$20.00
Chicken Caesar SaladServes 15-20$30.00
Macaroni Salad$10.00
Potato Salad$10.00
Salad and Relish Supreme$40.00

Bread & Condiments

Bakers Best Batch$15.00
Creative Condiments$18.00

Dessert Trays

Small Definitely Dessert TrayServes 10-15$15.00
Large Definitely Dessert TrayServes 20-25$30.00

Popular Catering Choices at Port Of Subs

Port of Subs ensures that you have a variety of foods to meet the cravings of every employee or guest! You can mix and match trays to get the best salads, sandwiches, and desserts!

They make it easy for you to order online and reserve your catering menu items well in advance. If you call the manager of your local Port of Subs, you can make an arrangement to have your food delivered or pick it up when it is most convenient for you.

Port of Subs has been making sandwiches the customer’s way for almost 50 years!

Spectacular Sub Assortment

Serving 10-12 people, this tray comes with your choice of subs for only $39.00. You have the power to completely customize it and choose your meat, cheese, bread, and toppings!

You can choose to have the sandwiches made beforehand or just have all the ingredients delivered and set up in party trays! Then you can let employees or guests build them as desired!

Top Deck Meat and Cheese Champion

This item is perfect for the next college football game or movie marathon that you hold at your house! It is perfect for munching and snacking without having to eat a full meal!

It comes with salami, ham, turkey, Swiss, provolone, and cheddar cheese! It feeds 10 to 15 guests for $45 all the way up to 25 for $65!

Fruit Feast Fantasy

Designed like a beautiful table centerpiece, this fruit tray will wow your guests or employees and fill them up with fresh nutritious food! The tray includes watermelon, honeydew, cantaloupe, pineapple, kiwi, and grapes.

This quality tray will feed up to 20 people and pair great with their sandwich and salad! Order now for $55.00.

Garden Salad

This mix of lettuce and fresh vegetables comes with your choice of dressing! It can serve 15-20 people and is transported in a large serving bowl.

Salad is a great side item for your sandwiches and will allow anyone attending the event to have a healthier option! Keep everyone happy with this wonderful salad!

Enjoy Port Of Sub’s Catering Offering

No matter what the occasion is, Port of Subs is working hard to make sure that you get the quality, fresh food that you need to make your event perfect!

There are plenty of options to match every party or meeting and satisfy the cravings of all in attendance. You will be the best boss or host around!

Call or order online today and start your journey to being the life of the party in your neighborhood or office!