Salata Catering Menu Prices

Find Salata Catering Menu & Popular Food Choices

For your next event, choose Salata’s healthy catering menu as your food for the night. Their service and food prep is better than all the other competitors!

Salata is a restaurant that specializes in salad bars and other light options like wraps and sandwiches. Since 2005, they have been mixing up the best salads and giving the customer all the options for building their healthy creation.

Perfect for a party or an evening meeting, Salata will allow you to pick up or will deliver your food at your request. They will make sure that you have all of the items that you want so that you can satisfy the cravings of any of your guests or employees!


Catering Packages

Signature ExperienceServes 10$14.78
Wrap & Salad ComboServes 10$11.09
Salata Bar ComboServes 10$12.93
Soup & Salad ComboServes 10$12.93

Boxed Lunches

Wrap Boxed Lunch$9.24
Salad Boxed Lunch$9.24


Wrap TrayServes 6$55.43

Soups And Salads

Salata BarServes 10$7.93
Salad BowlServes 15$129.33


Side SaladServes 15$27.71
Pasta SaladServes 15$23.09
Mixed Fruit BowlServes 15$41.57
Bread PackageServes 15$27.71
Salad DressingServes 15$7.39

A La Carte Protein

Grilled ChickenServes 10$1.85
Pesto ChickenServes 10$1.85
Chipotle ChickenServes 10$1.85
Asian BBQ ChickenServes 10$1.85
FalafelServes 10$1.85
TofuServes 10$1.85
QuinoaServes 10$1.85
Smoked TurkeyServes 10$2.77
SalmonServes 10$3.70
Marinated ShrimpServes 10$3.70
Krab MeatServes 10$3.70
Seafood SaladServes 10$3.70


Assorted CookiesServes 15$13.86
Bag of Salted CaramelsServes 15$27.71


Gallon Raspberry LemonadeServes 15$11.09
Gallon Peach LemonadeServes 15$11.09
Gallon Prickly Pear LimeadeServes 15$11.09
Gallon Black China TeaServes 15$11.09
Gallon Plum Cinnamon TeaServes 15$11.09
Gallon Tropical Green TeaServes 15$11.09
Bottled WaterServes 15$1.85

Popular Catering Choices at Salata

Although you could probably guess that salad is their specialty, Salata also offers other great options. These include other entrees like wraps, as well as sides like soups and bread. You can even follow up your catered meal with a dessert like cookies or mixed fruit!

So often, employers or party hosts choose greasy fast food, only to realize that the food makes everyone sluggish and tired. At Salata, you get fresh, healthy food that will fuel you up and keep you running in high gear! You don’t have to sacrifice health for great taste!

Wrap Tray

Perfect for a work meeting, these wrap trays put your whole meal in one hand held item and make it easy to get down to business while you eat. They have a great variety of selection like BBQ Chicken and Italian so that everyone can get something to satisfy their cravings.

Serve 6-8 people for only $60 and mix and match to customize your perfect order.

Mixed Fruit Bowl

For just $45 dollars you can get a fruit bowl that will knock the socks off your guests or employees. It will serve 15 people and pairs perfectly with a wrap or salad.

Made with fresh, in season fruit, you can be sure that this dish will taste great and provide some healthy fuel and sugar to keep the day or party going!

Southwest Chicken Salad

If you like a little protein in your salad, then this is the one for you. With a mix of greens and chipotle chicken as a base, this salad also includes tomato, corn, black beans, and cheddar cheese.

It is a very filling salad and will comfortably feed 15 people as a meal or about 30 as a side. It will run you about $140.

Boxed Lunch

This is probably the most popular catering option for Salata! You can’t beat the convenience of an already made box lunch! It comes with your choice of salad or wrap along with a fruit cup. Call ahead to make sure they know your order.

It will cost $10 per box and you can order as many as you need!

Enjoy Salata’s Catering Offering

Don’t sacrifice the quality, freshness, and health of your food because you think it is inconvenient! Salata makes it easy to feed your employees or guests food that is good for them!

They will thank you for providing such fresh food and your wallet will thank you because you didn’t have to empty out your wallet to do so. The food is prepared each and every day to a high set of standards that go above and beyond what most customers expect.

Salata is the perfect place to get a fully customized catering meal that everyone will love. No one will go hungry and you’ll be lauded as the best boss or party host around!