Sams Club Catering Menu Prices

Find Sams Club Catering Menu & Popular Food Choices

Sam’s Club Catering Menu isn’t something many people think to look at when they’re getting ready to plan a big event. Let’s face it though, Sam’s Club is huge and has a lot going on for the intrepid party planner. With their wholesale pricing of everything from party supplies to food, you’ll be able to get a great deal and plan out that event with ease. Their range of food products make it possible to prepare just about any feast you can imagine, and their bakery makes it easy to provide large sheet cakes if you’re hosting a large birthday party or retirement celebration.

Check out their full catering menu below:


Party Trays

Members Mark Ciabatta Sandwich Party Tray$26.98
Members Mark Assorted Pinwheel Wraps Party Tray$34.98
Members Mark Fruit and Cheese Party Tray$22.98
Gourmet Vegetable Tray4 Lb.$9.98
Members Mark Chicken Salad Sandwich$24.98
Members Mark Cookie Tray84 Ct.$19.98
Members Mark Shrimp Platter2 Lb.$18.98
DeLallo Antipasti Entertaining Collection42 Oz.$16.98
Members Mark Breakfast Tray54 Ct.$19.48
Castle Wood Meat & Cheese Party Tray3.65 Lb.$25.98
Great Midwest Variety Cheese Tray2 Lb.$9.48
Formaggio Artisan Wrap Variety Tray22 Oz.$13.98
Members Mark Gourmet Selection Imported Cheeses by Argitoni32 Oz.$10.98
Cooked EZ Peel Shrimp3 Lb.$19.98
Charctuterie Selection Entertaining Platter1.5 Lb.$14.98
Rare Fare Foods Deluxe Nut Mix Party Tray32.25 Lb.$34.98
Formaggio Charcuterie Bites12 Oz.$9.48
Members Mark Holiday Cookie Tray, Assorted Flavors60 Ct.$17.98
Formaggio Artisan Wrap Tray22 Oz.$13.98


Note: these items may vary from day to day.
Seasonal Fruit Tray4 Lb.$11.97

Popular Catering Choices at Sams Club

The most common choices made by event planners when they’re headed to Sam’s Club are selected directly from their catering menu. Sam’s Club catering options that come ready-made primarily involve plates of vegetables and pre-made sandwiches, if you’re wanting something hot you’ll be making it on your own. The range of options you have is quite immense, however, and will ensure that your guests have a positive experience with the freshest, best-tasting food available.

Check out their most popular catering selections below:

Ciabatta Party Tray

The Sam’s Club Ciabatta tray comes with a range of pre-made sandwiches in a variety of offerings. This party tray includes an assortment of ham and turkey ciabatta’s on white and wheat. Included is a variety of cheese cubs, cherry tomatoes, and honey mustard. Compact and delicious these trays will help feed a crowd.

Get yours for $26.98

Chicken Salad Party Tray

Light, flaky croissants topped with chicken salad brings the flavor of some of Sam’s Club best sandwiches to your event. Each of these sandwiches comes conveniently cut in half to create 18 portions for your guests to nibble on. These are a perfect way to provide a snack or light meal for your guests.

Six delicious chicken salad croissants for $24.98

Breakfast Tray

When you’re hosting a breakfast event, Sam’s Club sandwich offerings likely aren’t going to quite fit your bill. This delicious tray of pastries, on the other hand, can be the perfect addition to your catered event. Here you’ll find a tasty assortment of cream cheese danishes, apple danishes, crumb cakes, mini-cinnamon rolls, raspberry danishes, and blueberry muffins. Each tray comes with 54 items, a sure way to feed a crowd.

Get 54 items for $19.98

Fruit and Cheese Party Tray

Sometimes when you’re planning an event what you want is a light repast that is healthy yet sweet. The Sam’s Club Fruit and Cheese Party Tray is the perfect solution for this craving. On the tray, you’ll find deliciously tangy green grapes combines with sweet strawberries, red grapes, and heart Cheddar and Colby-Jack cheese cubes.

Get your fruity tray for $22.98.

Enjoy Sams Club’s Catering Offering

Sam’s Club isn’t often people’s first thought when it comes to catering an event, and that means that many people are missing out on this diverse and affordable option. When you choose to cater through Sam’s Club, you get access to a diverse assortment of options ranging from their muffin packs to full sandwich party tray’s that ensures everyone will enjoy their favorite choices. If you’re thinking about hosting an event, whether or dozens or hundreds, contact Sam’s Club today and they’ll help you prepare for the feast to come.