Sonny's Catering Menu Prices

Find Sonny's Catering Menu & Popular Food Choices

Sonny’s catering menu and prices will show you how they bring the party to any kind of event you are having. The BBQ that they offer comes in party-sized portions, and they make sure to include the best sides and sauces.

Sonny’s BBQ lets you choose whether you’d like to pick up your food, have it delivered, or have a Sonny’s BBQ team come set up and serve your guests.

They make it simple so that you can focus on the great flavors of the slow-cooked meats and sauces. See the catering menu below to see what is available to you.


Sonnys Signature BBQ

One Meat$10.99
Two Meats$11.99
Three Meats$12.99
Hamburgers & Hot Dogs$10.99

BBQ By The Pound

Beef Brisket$14.99
Pulled Chicken$11.99
Pulled Pork$12.49
Sliced Pork$12.49
Smoked Turkey$11.49
Sweet & Smokey Ribs$12.99
Memphis Dry Rubbed Ribs$12.99
Baby Back Ribs$12.99
Whole Chicken$10.49
Smoked Sausage$11.99
Green BeansSmall$5.29
Green BeansMedium$8.99
Green BeansLarge$23.99
Homestyle Mac & CheeseSmall$5.29
Homestyle Mac & CheeseMedium$8.99
Homestyle Mac & CheeseLarge$23.99
Original Recipe BBQ BeansSmall$4.99
Original Recipe BBQ BeansMedium$6.99
Original Recipe BBQ BeansLarge$21.99
Homemade ColeslawSmall$4.99
Homemade ColeslawMedium$6.99
Homemade ColeslawLarge$21.99
Potato SaladSmall$4.99
Potato SaladMedium$6.99
Potato SaladLarge$21.99

Sonnys Signature Ribs & Rib Combinations

BBQ Ribs & One Meat$12.99
BBQ Ribs & Two Meats$13.99
BBQ Ribs & Three Meats$14.99
Sweet & Smokey Ribs$12.99
Memphis Dry Rubbed Ribs$12.99
Baby Back Ribs$15.99
Rib Sampler$14.99

Catering Starters

Seasonal Vegetable and Dip PlatterFull$54.99
Seasonal Vegetable and Dip PlatterHalf$29.99
Cheese & Cracker PlatterFull$64.99
Cheese & Cracker PlatterHalf$35.99
Chicken Wing PlatterFull$59.99
Chicken Wing PlatterHalf$32.99
Chicken Tenders PlatterFull$59.99
Chicken Tenders PlatterHalf$32.99
Fresh Fruit PlatterFull$64.99
Fresh Fruit PlatterHalf$35.99


Dessert Platter$39.99
Fruit Cobbler$19.99
Banana Pudding$19.99

Popular Catering Choices at Sonny’s

Although catering options differ upon location, the good stuff is always available. Below is a list of some of the favorite dishes at Sonny’s, to make your decision process a little easier.

Fruit Cobbler

We had to start with the dessert…because it’s the best! Some warm fruit cobbler is the perfect American tradition to bring to your event. It is a great value per person, and if you are really feeling it, you can add some banana pudding to go along with it. No one will complain about that!

Chopped or Sliced Brisket

The brisket is one of the most flavorful options on the menu. The Sonny’s catering team needs at least a 24-hour advance notice before being able to provide this amazing meat at your event. The brisket can be chopped or sliced, depending on your preferences.

Sonny’s Signature Ribs

These ribs are cooked to perfection every time, and can be combined with any other meat you choose. Not only do the Signature Ribs have the option to be dry-rubbed, but you can also add 1-2 meats on the side of your choice. In other words, you can have a little bit of everything if you can’t decide on one.

Cheese & Cracker Platter

For an appetizer, Sonny’s also offers starter platters. This cheese & cracker platter can help entertain your guests while the meat is being prepared and last minute things are being set up.

They will never know that you had to run to the store to get that last-minute thing! They will be too busy chatting and chomping on crackers & cheese.

Enjoy Sonny’s Catering Offerings

Sonny’s has streamlined the process so that your catering experience is smooth and flawless. Each catering package comes with, “your choice of meat, 3 sides, bread & butter, plates, utensils, napkins, sweet tea & lemonade, and BBQ sauces.”

That leaves you with bringing…the guests!