Winco Catering Menu Prices

Find Winco Catering Menu & Popular Food Choices

WinCo’s catering menu is just an extension of their low prices and the ability to buy items at nearly wholesale prices. When you’re catering at WinCo, You’ll have no shortage of available items, and no limit to the creativity you can employ in choosing a menu. If you’re looking for instant items that you can lay out in trays and serve to your guests, these are going to be available, and if you call ahead, they can even be customized. If you’re looking to put something together yourself, you can do this as well. The options at WinCo are relatively limitless.

Check out their full catering options below:



Photo Cake1/4 Sheet$19.98
Photo Cake1/2 Sheet$28.98
Custom Cake1/4 Sheet$17.98
Custom Cake1/2 Sheet$23.98
Carrot Cake1/4 Sheet$19.98
Carrot Cake1/2 Sheet$33.98
Assorted Pastry Tray16 Inch$14.98
Fancy Cookie Tray16 Inch$24.98
Savory Bagel Tray16 Inch$5.98
Deluxe Kids Cookie Tray16 Inch$19.98
Sweet Bagel Bite Tray16 Inch$5.98
Fathers Table Cheesecake, Variety Sampler40 Oz.$12.98
Gourmet Cookie Tray16 Inch$19.98
Mini Bites Breakfast Tray16 Inch$24.98
Assorted Slice Loaf Cake Tray16 Inch$14.98
Breakfast Pastry Tray16 Inch$19.98
Brownie Tray16 Inch$9.98
Red Velvet Cake16 Inch$9.98
Half And Half Cake16 Inch$9.98
New York Style Cheesecake2.5 Lb.$10.58
Festive Strawberry Ice Cream Cake1/4 Sheet$22.98
Cupcakes White12 Pack$5.98
Cupcakes Chocolate12 Pack$5.98
Cupcakes Mixe12 Pack$5.98
Oreo Cookie Cake8 Inch$9.98
Boston Cream Cake8 Inch$4.98
After Dinner Chocolate Cake8 Inch$9.98
Fudge Cake8 Inch$9.98


Croissant Sandwich Tray16 Inch$24.98
Croissant Sandwich Tray18 Inch$29.98
Deli Deluxe Tray12 Inch$10.98
Deli Deluxe Tray16 Inch$25.98
Deli Deluxe Tray18 Inch$30.98
Sandwich Wrap Tray$21.98
Salsa And Bean Dip Tray16 Inch$15.98
Wing Tray16 Inch$25.98
Deli Fried Chicken24 Pcs.$19.98
Deli Baked Chicken24 Pcs.$19.98
Salami, Cheese And Crackers$21.98
Deluxe Salami And Cheese Tray12 Inch$10.98
Triple Meat Deluxe Tray16 Inch$25.98
Triple Meat Deluxe Tray18 Inch$30.98
Deluxe All Cheese Tray16 Inch$25.98
Veggie Tray16 Inch$20.98
Cubed Cheese And Grapes Tray12 Inch$10.98
Cubed Cheese And Grapes Tray16 Inch$19.98
Cubed Cheese And Grapes Tray18 Inch$24.98
Relish Tray12 Inch$9.98
Relish Tray16 Inch$29.98
Relish Tray18 Inch$35.98
Pretzel Hoagie Tray16 Inch$19.98
Pretzel Hoagie Tray18 Inch$21.98
Hawaiian Roll Slider Tray12 Inch$10.98
Hawaiian Roll Slider Tray16 Inch$15.98
Hawaiian Roll Slider Tray18 Inch$19.98

Popular Catering Choices at Winco

The catering menu from WinCo’s may be vast, but the most popular items are also the most common. When you’re shopping at WinCo to cater an event you’re going to find it easiest to use their trays of prepared items. From their fruit offerings to their meat and cheese trays there’s a lot of options to personalize your event while easily feeding a broad range of tastes and needs. Whether you’re serving an entire wedding or just hosting a small business gathering, WinCo will be able to help you cater your event.

Check out the most popular catering options below:

Vegetable Trays

A veritable panorama of vegetable options come on this tray, from fresh, crisp celery to toothsome cauliflower, your guests will love indulging in the healthy snacking option during your event. Combine it with the Ranch Dip that comes with it, and it’s sure to be a favorite. Carrots and broccoli, celery and cauliflower, it’ll be a great snacking option.

Get your tray for $20.98

Deli and Cheese Trays

If you love the hearty flavor of cheese and the umami flavor of meat, you’re going to love these deli and cheese trays. Served up with a delicious assortment of meats and cheeses, these trays can satisfy the hunger of any crowd. These are best paired with a tray of crackers, though some of them come with that option already included, that means less meat and cheese.

Get a deli and cheese tray for $30.98

Wrap Trays

This tray is a variation on the traditional sandwich trays, offering instead a collection of delicious ingredients wrapped up in a low-carb, low-calorie wrap. Perfect when you’re wanting to avoid bloating up your guests on a lot of bread and want to make sure there’s more filling than wrapping, a problem sometimes encountered with sandwiches.

Wrap trays come at $21.98

Cookie Trays

An assortment of cookies to provide a sweet finish to your event. Chocolate Chip Cookies, sugar cookies, snicker-doodles, red velvet cookies, white chocolate macadamia nut, and much more are available for you to make your cookie tray to suit your guest’s tastes. Each plate provides several dozen cookies and is an affordable way to feed your guests.

Get yours for $12.98 a tray.

Enjoy Winco’s Catering Offering

WinCo may not be the first place people think of when they’re trying to select a great place to get their event catered, but it’s a no-brainer once you think about it. With a substantial amount of options sold at reasonable prices, you’ll be able to completely cater your event for less than you might imagine. WinCo doesn’t do on-site catering, so you’re going to need to pick up the items and set them up onsite yourself, but with their party trays, that’s going to be a piece of cake!