Winn Dixie Catering Menu Prices

Find Winn Dixie Catering Menu & Popular Food Choices

Winn Dixie may be a great supermarket perfect for picking up what you need to create a delicious meal for your family, but Winn Dixie’s Catering Menu proves that it’s a great place for so much more than that. Every day Winn Dixie serves thousands of customers throughout the US by helping provide affordable healthy food for their families, but they also provide catering services to families and businesses throughout the country as well. When you’re looking for a quick and easy way to feed a crowd, give Winn Dixie a shot.

Check out their full catering menu below:


Chicken Platter

Boneless Wings RanchMedium$24.99
Boneless Wings Blue CheeseMedium$24.99
Wingin It RanchMedium$24.99
Wingin It RanchLarge$39.99
Wingin It Blue CheeseMedium$24.99
Wingin It Blue CheeseLarge$39.99
Chicken Tender RanchMedium$24.99
Chicken Tender RanchLarge$39.99
Chicken Tender Blue CheeseMedium$24.99
Chicken Tender Blue CheeseLarge$39.99

Meats And Cheese Platter

Executive EntertainerLarge$47.99
Cheese Nibbler SupremeMedium$34.99
Cheese Nibbler SupremeLarge$42.99
Cheese NibblerMedium$29.99
Cheese NibblerLarge$36.99
Triple PlayLarge$37.99

Sandwiches And Wraps Platter

Finger SandwichesMedium$26.99
Finger SandwichesLarge$34.99
Variety Subs White Sub RollsLarge$34.99
Variety Subs Wheat Sub RollsLarge$34.99

Cookies And Cakes Platter

Bakery BreakfastMedium$15.99
Loaf CakesMedium$16.99

Popular Catering Choices at Winn Dixie

Winn Dixie’s deli offers a broad range of options for those looking to cater an event, starting with their delicious and easy to serve Wingin’ It Platter, a combination of zesty chicken wings and crisp, clean vegetables served up with a dipping sauce. Looking for something easy to snack on but not quite as messy? Go for their Finger Sandwich platter, and if you’re looking to impress, you can offer up their Executive Entertainer. Whatever your event needs Winn Dixie has an option to fill that need.

Check out their favorite items below:

Wingin’ It Platter

The Wingin’ It Platter is possibly one of the most popular items to ever grace their catering menu. When you order this platter, you get 24 or 48 wings split up among Buffalo, BBQ, and Teriyaki flavored wings with Blue Cheese, Ranch, or Celery Ranch dipping options. It comes with a side of fresh, crisp celery to help perfectly compliment the flavors provided.

Get 24 for $24.99 or 48 for $39.99

Finger Sandwiches

These crustless sandwiches come topped with ham, roast beef, and turkey on your choice of white or wheat bread. Each of them is lightly seasoned with a mayo/mustard mix and served up around a bowl of cherry tomatoes. Easy to serve, easy to enjoy, these prim little sandwiches come in an offering for 26 or 32 sandwiches.

Serve 16 people for $26.99 or 32 for $34.99

Executive Entertainer

This plate is a beautifully arranged tray of premium deli meat cuts combined with fine gourmet cheeses and a ring of grapes surrounding a central bowl of pickles. Sure to be a hit at any function your guests it’s sure to meet the demands of the most discerning of tastes. A single platter will serve 20-24 people.

Order yours for $47.99

Fresh Baked Cookie Platter

Every event deserves a sweet finish, which makes a platter of Winn Dixie’s fresh baked cookies the perfect ending. Every tray brings 100 cookies to your event, a blend of sugar cookies, chocolate chip, and their famous oatmeal raisin cookies in an array sure to please any tastes. You can have the balance of cookies shifted by special request if you call ahead.

Sweeten your event for $11.99

Enjoy Winn Dixie’s Catering Offering

Winn Dixie is a grocery store found throughout the SE region of the United States and has been proudly serving the residents of these areas for many years. With their reputation for having delicious food prepared from the freshest ingredients in their deli, they’re a place many people go when looking to cater an informal event. Why worry about preparing your food for an event when you can enjoy it with the rest of your guests by having it catered by Winn Dixie? Call today and set up your catered event.