Yogurtland Catering Menu Prices

Find Yogurtland Catering Menu & Popular Food Choices

If you’re looking to bring something sweet to your next function or event, the Yogurtland catering menu is the perfect option! The popular frozen yogurt chain has been helping people get creative with their dessert offerings for years.

It’s gotten more and more popular to provide sweets at parties and events, and with frozen yogurt representing a growing trend in the nation, there’s never been a better time to order from Yogurtland. They provide a range of flavors and toppings at their area locations.

Best of all, they also cater to large functions or parties and allow your guests to customize their own frozen yogurt. It’s the perfect way to let your guests get creative and express themselves with their food choices.

If you’re interested in seeing their catering menu, we’ve got the whole thing right here!


All Flavors

Hersheys Chocolate Milk1 Oz.$0.29
York Peppermint Pattie1 Oz.$0.29
Salted Caramel Pecan1 Oz.$0.29
Caramel Mocchiato1 Oz.$0.29
Wild Berry Tart1 Oz.$0.29
Raspberry Lemonade Sorbet1 Oz.$0.29
Peanut Butter Cookies & Cream1 Oz.$0.29
Rocket Pop Sorbet1 Oz.$0.29
Toasted Coconut Caramel1 Oz.$0.29
Birthday Cupcake Batter1 Oz.$0.29
Geneva Chocolate1 Oz.$0.29
Fudge Brownie1 Oz.$0.29
Cranberry Raspberry Tart1 Oz.$0.29
Sticky Toffee Pudding1 Oz.$0.29
Cinnamon Banana Bread1 Oz.$0.29
Caramel Macadamia1 Oz.$0.29
White Chocolate Peppermint1 Oz.$0.29
Cookie Butter1 Oz.$0.29
Pumpkin Pie1 Oz.$0.29
Pudding Pop1 Oz.$0.29
Pink Lemonade Sorbet1 Oz.$0.29
Mudslide1 Oz.$0.29
Mango Peach Tea Sorbet1 Oz.$0.29
Lava Flow1 Oz.$0.29
S mores1 Oz.$0.29
Strawberry Margarita1 Oz.$0.29
Dark Chocolate Sorbet1 Oz.$0.29
Mojito Sorbet1 Oz.$0.29
Cosmo Sorbet1 Oz.$0.29
Pineapple Tangerine Tart1 Oz.$0.29
Almond Midnight Mocha1 Oz.$0.29
Amaretto Cookies1 Oz.$0.29
Apricot Tart1 Oz.$0.29
Banana Nut Bread1 Oz.$0.29
Bananas Foster1 Oz.$0.29
Black Currant Berry Tart1 Oz.$0.29
Black Forest Cake1 Oz.$0.29
Blueberry Tart1 Oz.$0.29
Boysenberry NSA1 Oz.$0.29
Butterscotch1 Oz.$0.29
Carrot Cake1 Oz.$0.29
Chocolate Milkshake1 Oz.$0.29
Chocolate Mocha NSA1 Oz.$0.29
Chocolate Mousse Pie1 Oz.$0.29
Chocolate Twilight NSA1 Oz.$0.29
Cinnamon Graham Cracker1 Oz.$0.29
Cinnamon Roll1 Oz.$0.29
Coconut Mango Tart1 Oz.$0.29
Cranberry Orange Tart1 Oz.$0.29
Crème Brulee1 Oz.$0.29
Decadent Dark Chocolate Orange1 Oz.$0.29
Devils Food Cake1 Oz.$0.29
Double Cookies & Cream1 Oz.$0.29
Dragon Passion Tart1 Oz.$0.29
Dulce De Licious1 Oz.$0.29
Dutch Chocolate1 Oz.$0.29
French Vanilla NSA1 Oz.$0.29
Fresh Strawberry1 Oz.$0.29
Guava Grapefruit Sorbet1 Oz.$0.29
Guava Pineapple Tart1 Oz.$0.29
Guava Sorbet1 Oz.$0.29
Hazelnut Latte NSA1 Oz.$0.29
Hibiscus Passion Fruit Sorbet1 Oz.$0.29
Juicy Peach Tart1 Oz.$0.29
Key Lime Tart1 Oz.$0.29
Pineapple Lime Sorbet1 Oz.$0.29
Lemon Cream Cookie1 Oz.$0.29
Lucky Mint Crème1 Oz.$0.29
Madagascar Vanilla Bean1 Oz.$0.29
Mango1 Oz.$0.29
Mango Mixer1 Oz.$0.29
Mango Pina Colada Tart1 Oz.$0.29
Matcha Green Tea1 Oz.$0.29
Mexican Hot Chocolate1 Oz.$0.29
Milk Chocolate Hazelnut1 Oz.$0.29
New York Cheesecake1 Oz.$0.29
Nutty Vanilla1 Oz.$0.29
Oatmeal Cookies1 Oz.$0.29
Orange Citrus Sorbet1 Oz.$0.29
Orange Cream Pop1 Oz.$0.29
Passion Fruit Sorbet1 Oz.$0.29
Peanut Butter1 Oz.$0.29
Pear Berry Tart1 Oz.$0.29
Pecans & Pralines NSA1 Oz.$0.29
Pistachio1 Oz.$0.29
Plain Tart1 Oz.$0.29
POG Sorbet1 Oz.$0.29
Raspberry Banana Greek1 Oz.$0.29
Raspberry Pomegranate Tart1 Oz.$0.29
Raspberry Tart1 Oz.$0.29
Red Velvet Cupcake Batter1 Oz.$0.29
Root Beer Float1 Oz.$0.29
Spiced Apple Cider Sorbet1 Oz.$0.29
Strawberry Lemonade Sorbet1 Oz.$0.29
Vanilla Chai Latte1 Oz.$0.29
Strawberry Cheesecake NSA1 Oz.$0.29
Sumatra Coffee Blend1 Oz.$0.29
Tangerine Tango Tart1 Oz.$0.29
Taro1 Oz.$0.29
Toasted Coconut1 Oz.$0.29
Vanilla Custard1 Oz.$0.29
Vanilla Date Shake1 Oz.$0.29
Vanilla Wafer1 Oz.$0.29
White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookie1 Oz.$0.29
Yo Frappe NSA1 Oz.$0.29

Party 2 Go

15 Cups Of Yogurt$65.00
25 Cups Of Yogurt$90.00
50 Cups Of Yogurt$165.00

Popular Catering Choices at Yogurtland

Frozen yogurt is associated with summer, but it’s popular year-round at Yogurtland — there’s never a wrong time for your favorite flavors and toppings. With a range of different options, the possibilities are truly endless at Yogurtland.

Their catering menu includes a range of different to-go yogurts that can be ordered and customized to individual preference. You can also have your guests put on their own toppings and sauces!

Their menu isn’t extensive, but we cover the most popular items in more detail below!

15 Cup Party Box

If you’re looking for the smallest catering option that Yogurtland has, the 15 Cup Party Box is probably your best option. It comes with 15 cups of frozen yogurt — you can choose between three different flavors and up to five toppings from their offering.

This will cost you just $65 and it can comfortably feed 15 people.

25 Cup Party Box

This is a 25 Cup Party Box that can feed 25 people with frozen yogurt and toppings. You get to choose up to five different flavors for the box, and up to five different toppings to go along with them — your guests will apply the toppings themselves.

This size of box will cost you $90.

50 Cup Party Box

If you’re looking to save money by bulk purchasing, you can do so by ordering their largest party box available. It comes with 50 different party cups and has your choice five of the ten different flavors.

You can also select 10 toppings from their extensive list of toppings. Each 50 Cup Party Box costs $165.

Yogurt By the Ounce

If you don’t want to order from their party boxes, you can order their yogurt by the ounce isntead. This can be a great way to order an extremely large amount of frozen yogurt — or a bunch of small amounts of frozen yogurt.

Each flavor costs the same price — they come at $0.29 per ounce!

Enjoy Yogurtland’s Catering Offering

Whatever time of day it is, you can be sure that Yogurtland will be a hit with your co-workers, clients, or guests. Put the control back in the hands of your guests by allowing them to choose what type of yogurt they want and allow them to choose the different topping combinations when it arrives.

You can order their catering offering by calling them in advance, they also partner with an online delivery company that can bring it to your next event for an extra fee. Make sure that you plan in advance if you are going to make a large order.

With over 20 flavors to choose from, and a wide variety of different toppings, it’s hard not find something from Yogurtland that all your guests will enjoy!