Zoës Kitchen Catering Menu Prices

Find Zoës Kitchen Catering Menu & Popular Food Choices

Zoe’s Kitchen catering prices and menu will provide you a look into the healthy options that are out there.

This Mediterranean food is always made fresh at Zoe’s Kitchen. They can cater any moment you may be planning for: whether it is a dinner party or a big business gathering.

See the prices and options below to see what is available to you. From boxed lunches to party trays, Zoe’s Kitchen is ready to serve any number of guests at your party.


Party Packs

Live Medium Party PackServes 10$139.99
Game Day GoodiesServes 10$114.99
Kids Party PackServes 10$64.99


Orzo "Tabouli"$2.39
Pasta Salad$2.39
Side Live Medium Salad$4.19
Yayas Handmade Chocolate CakeFull$21.99
Yayas Handmade Chocolate CakeSlice$2.59
House Baked Cookies$2.39
Mini Cookie BowlServes 20$25.99
Mini Cookie BowlServes 40$45.99

Party Starters

Mediterranean Lamb KaftaMedium$41.89
Mediterranean Lamb KaftaLarge$83.79
Signature SpreadsServes 20$21.99
Signature SpreadsServes 30$31.49
Human Trio TrayServes 30$31.49

Party Trays

Chicken Salad

Chicken Salad SandwichPer Person$7.79

Roll Up Trays

Add Chicken for $1.29/person
ChickenPer Person$8.19
SteakPer Person$9.39
SpinachPer Person$7.89

Piadina Trays

Rosemary Ham & MozzarellaPer Person$8.49
Spinach & MushroomPer Person$8.29

New Pita Trays

Rustic LambSmall Serves 6$37.99
Rustic LambMedium Serves 10$68.39
Harissa SalmonSmall Serves 6$41.49
Harissa SalmonMedium Serves 10$74.69
Greek ChickenSmall Serves 6$29.99
Greek ChickenMedium Serves 10$53.99

Grilled Gatherings

Steak KabobsPer Person$12.19


Chicken & Orzo SoupServes 8-10$21.69

New Bowls

Power Grain Bowl No ProteinSmall$51.49
Power Grain Bowl ChickenSmall$59.29
Power Grain Bowl LambSmall$64.89
Power Grain Bowl SalmonSmall$75.49
Power Grain Bowl No ProteinMedium$77.29
Power Grain Bowl ChickenMedium$88.99
Power Grain Bowl LambMedium$98.89
Power Grain Bowl SalmonMedium$113.29
Mediterranean Salad Trio Bowl No ProteinSmall$51.49
Mediterranean Salad Trio Bowl ChickenSmall$59.29
Mediterranean Salad Trio Bowl LambSmall$64.89
Mediterranean Salad Trio Bowl SalmonSmall$75.49
Mediterranean Salad Trio Bowl No ProteinMedium$77.29
Mediterranean Salad Trio Bowl ChickenMedium$88.99
Mediterranean Salad Trio Bowl LambMedium$98.89
Mediterranean Salad Trio Bowl SalmonMedium$113.29

Fresh Boxed Lunches

Piadina Lunch

Rosemary Ham & Mozzarella PiadinaPer Person$8.49
Spinach & Mushroom PiadinaPer Person$8.29

Chicken Salad Sandwich Lunch

Chicken Salad Sandwich$7.79

Pita Lunch

Harissa Salmon PitaPer Person$10.59
Rustic Lamb PitaPer Person$9.89
Greek Chicken PitaPer Person$8.39

Roll Up Lunch

Add Chicken for $1.29/person
Chicken Roll-UpsPer Person$8.19
Steak Roll-UpsPer Person$9.39
Spinach Roll-UpsPer Person$7.89

Mediterranean Bowl Lunch

Cauliflower Rice Bowl No ProteinPer Person$8.59
Cauliflower Rice Bowl ChickenPer Person$9.89
Cauliflower Rice Bowl Lamb KaftaPer Person$10.99
Cauliflower Rice Bowl Harissa SalmonPer Person$12.59
Power Grain Bowl No ProteinPer Person$8.59
Power Grain Bowl ChickenPer Person$9.89
Power Grain Bowl Lamb KaftaPer Person$10.99
Power Grain Bowl Harissa SalmonPer Person$12.59
Mediterranean Salad Trio Bowl No ProteinPer Person$8.59
Mediterranean Salad Trio Bowl ChickenPer Person$9.89
Mediterranean Salad Trio Bowl Lamb KaftaPer Person$10.99
Mediterranean Salad Trio Bowl Harissa SalmonPer Person$12.59

Live Medium Salad Lunch

Add Chicken for $2.29/person
Salad LunchPer Person$8.99


Hand Squeezed Limeade$7.99
Fresh Brewed Iced Tea$6.99
Hibiscus Green Tea$7.99
Iced Served In Zoes Envirocooler$6.49

Popular Catering Choices at Zoe’s Kitchen

There are many options of food and delicious treats at Zoe’s Kitchen, so it is important to know what the most popular dishes are. Of course, your guests would be happy with anything you ordered! See the list below for a start on what you can order.

Mediterranean Lamb Kafta

This dish will definitely give your guests a taste of authentic Mediterranean food. It is a new dish, freshly prepared every time with the most quality ingredients. It includes, “lamb and beef meatballs served over house-made tzatziki and cucumbers, topped with Moroccan harissa and fresh dill.”

This would definitely impress any guests at your party.

Chicken Kabobs

These chicken kabobs come with two fresh sides and a sauce. The grilled chicken kabobs are, “topped with peppers, onions, and tomatoes.” No one can go wrong with kabobs!

Power Grain Bowl

Something new that Zoe’s Kitchen is offering are power bowls. The Power Grain Bowl comes with, “lentils, quinoa, faro and rice with house-made tzatziki, Moroccan harissa, Mediterranean relish, cucumbers and fresh dill.”

There are more options for these great bowls, and all of them can be customized upon request.

Moroccan Harissa

This is one of Zoe’s Kitchen’s famous sauces. It is, “zesty red pepper sauce with subtle notes of sweet tomato and Mediterranean spices.” It would go great with the Chicken Kabobs!

Enjoy Zoe’ Kitchen’s Catering Offerings

Overall, there is a variety of Zoe’s Kitchen’s catering options to give your guests a wonderful taste of authentic Mediterranean food.

One plus to ordering here is that you earn 3% back on a Zoe’s gift card. This requires you to join Zoe’s Catering Rewards, but it is well worth it for some cheaper Chicken Kabobs in the future!

Zoe’s Kitchen will provide the napkins, utensils, cutlery, and cups. They of course respect if you are “going green,” and will leave the utensils behind upon request.