Burgerville Breakfast Hours & Menu Prices

Find What Time Burgerville Serves Breakfast & The Most Popular Breakfast Items

Have you ever wanted a burger for breakfast but didn’t know how to pull it off? Burgerville’s Breakfast Burger can fulfill your cravings! Burgerville has been serving customers since 1961 in the Pacific Northwest with local ingredients.

For all items on their breakfast menu, Burgerville proudly serves cage-free eggs, nitrite-free bacon, sausage and ham. This restaurant partners with many local farms and businesses that also have the goal to provide fresh and quality food.

Burgerville Breakfast Hours & Days

Opening times vary by location, but 6AM is the most common. Before you go, make sure to check with your local Burgerville to find out opening and closing times. Burgerville’s full lunch menu is also available for breakfast. In other words, if you want a milkshake for breakfast, go for it!

  • Daily: 6AM – 11AM

Burgerville Breakfast Menu Items

Since Burgerville is most famous for its burgers, the Breakfast Burger draws many to the restaurant in the early hours of the day. Hash browns and apple slices are great sides to any breakfast meal choice.

  • Breakfast Sandwich: $4.10
  • Breakfast Burger: $4.10
  • Breakfast Burrito: $4.10
  • Hash Browns: $1.89
  • Breakfast Platter: $4.69
  • Oatmeal: $3.69
  • Apple Slices $1.45

Burgerville’s Most Popular Breakfast Foods

Breakfast Burger: This burger features a small beef patty on a plain bun. To add some breakfast flavor to it, Burgerville has added a fried egg, cheddar cheese, and pepper bacon. Yum! With antibiotic-free bacon and cage-free eggs, this Breakfast Burger is a great choice to start off your morning. This item is available at most Burgerville locations, but be sure to check with the location nearest you for full menu availability.

Breakfast Burrito: If you are more of a breakfast burrito person, you can still get Burgerville’s great breakfast foods wrapped in a flour tortilla. This burrito comes with two eggs, salsa, white cheddar, and sausage. This Mexican-inspired breakfast menu item is perfect for on-the-go! This item is available at most Burgerville locations.

Hash Browns: Everyone knows that a side of hash browns is a great complement for any breakfast meal you choose. These crispy potatoes are a comfort food that won’t leave you hungry! This item is available at most Burgerville locations.

Oatmeal: If you are looking for a heartier and healthier meal, make sure to try Burgerville & Bob’s Red Mill Oatmeal. This oatmeal is served warm with brown sugar, hazelnuts, and dried cranberries. A great side for this oatmeal is a bag of crisp apple slices. This item is available at most Burgerville locations.