Freebirds Breakfast Hours & Menu Prices

Find What Time Freebirds Serves Breakfast & The Most Popular Breakfast Items

Freebirds – yes, the iconic song from Lynyrd Skynyrd served as some inspiration for its name – can trace its roots to both the Golden and Lone Star States. The creators behind Freebirds perfected their formula along the way, and the brand has grown to have close to 100 locations sprinkled across seven states.

While the good folks at Freebirds don’t do the early morning thing, they’ll be pumped up and ready for your visit at the crack of 10:30.

Freebirds Breakfast Hours & Days

  • Monday – Sunday: 10:30 AM – Noon

Freebirds Breakfast Menu Items

While Freebirds is famous for its awesome burritos, there’s a whole lot more to see here for those that venture inside. There’s quesadillas, tacos, and salads that are sure to hit the spot, and veggie options for those that like things on the lighter side.

But back to the burritos – they are truly epic. In fact, there’s even ‘super monster’ options for those that really feel the need to kick things up a notch.

  • Hybrid Steak Burrito $7.10
  • Hybrid Carnitas Burrito $6.60
  • Hybrid Tempeh Burrito $6.05
  • Hybrid Veggie Burrito $6.05
  • Hybrid Chicken Burrito $6.15
  • Hybrid Ground Beef Burrito $6.35
  • Freebird Steak Burrito $7.85
  • Freebird Carnitas Burrito $7.35
  • Freebird Tempeh Burrito $6.80
  • Freebird Veggie Burrito $6.80
  • Freebird Chicken Burrito $6.90
  • Freebird Ground Beef Burrito $7.10
  • Monster Steak Burrito $9.85
  • Monster Carnitas Burrito $9.35
  • Monster Tempeh Burrito $8.80
  • Monster Veggie Burrito $8.80
  • Monster Chicken Burrito $8.90
  • Monster Ground Beef Burrito $7.10
  • Super Monster Steak Burrito $14.65
  • Super Monster Carnitas Burrito $13.75
  • Super Monster Tempeh Burrito $13.05
  • Super Monster Veggie Burrito $13.05
  • Super Monster Chicken Burrito $13.25
  • Super Monster Ground Beef Burrito $13.45
  • Steak Quesadilla $7.85
  • Carnitas Quesadilla $7.35
  • Ground Beef Quesadilla $7.10
  • Chicken Quesadilla $6.90
  • Tempeh Quesadilla $6.80
  • Veggie Quesadilla $6.80
  • Cheese Quesadilla $6.80
  • Taco (Steak, Carnitas, Chicken, Ground Beef, Veggie, Or Tempeh) $2.85
  • Freebirds Salad w/ Steak $7.85
  • Freebirds Salad w/ Chicken $6.90
  • Freebirds Salad w/ Ground Beef $7.10
  • Freebirds Salad w/ Carmitas $7.35
  • Freebirds Salad w/ Tempeh $6.80
  • Freebirds Salad w/ Veggie $6.80
  • Burrito Bowl w/ Steak $7.85
  • Burrito Bowl w/ Chicken $6.90
  • Burrito Bowl w/ Carnitas $7.35
  • Burrito Bowl w/ Ground Beef $7.10
  • Burrito Bowl w/ Tempeh $6.80
  • Burrito Bowl w/ Veggie $6.80

Freebirds Most Popular Breakfast Foods

Burritos: Your choice of chicken, steak, ground beef, carnitas, veggies, or tempeh with the fixings of your choosing – rice, beans, salsa, and cheese, to name a few of the options – are all rolled up into an epic delight that started it all.

Super Monster Burritos: When a regular burrito just isn’t enough for you, you had better make it a Super Monster. Take all of the options you choose from in a regular burrito – and then some. Bring an appetite – and preferably some help – to get through this monstrosity.

Burrito Bowl: All of the goodness you would find in one of Freebirds legendary burritos minus the whole wrapped up part. This is an awesome way to enjoy the flavors and tastes of Freebirds on the go and with a little less of the mess.

Taco: Want your Freebirds fix but don’t feel you can chow down on a big burrito? Then grab a couple of tacos to hold you over until your next trip inside. Options include chicken, steak, ground beef, carnitas, veggies, or tempeh