Granite City Breakfast Hours & Menu Prices

Find What Time Granite City Serves Breakfast & The Most Popular Breakfast Items

It can be tough to find a good spot that serves a killer brunch and does the rest of the day just right as well, but that certainly describes Granite City. From a single location that opened up back in 1999 in St. Cloud, Minnesota, Granite City has grown to include 32 restaurants spread across 13 states.

Known for being an excellent brewery that just so happens to serve killer food as well, Granite City hits the right notes no matter what time of day you stop in, but be sure to stop in for the highly recommended Sunday brunch!

Granite City’s Breakfast Hours & Days

  • Saturday: 9 AM – 11 AM
  • Sunday: 9 AM – 2 PM

Granite City’s Breakfast Menu Items

Whether it’s lunch or dinner, a quick bite or a full meal, there’s something for everyone on Granite City’s expansive menu. Stellar sandwiches and gourmet flatbreads are always a huge hit during the lunch rush, while dinner options like steaks, seafood, and chops help to pack in the dinner crowd.

And don’t even get us started on Sunday brunch. From Granite City’s signature caramel rolls to the awesome waffle and omelet station and all points in between, your appetite will thank you for making this your weekend fill-up destination.

  • Sunday Brunch: Adults $25.99 , Kids $7.99
  • Crispy Buffalo Chicken Wrap $10.65
  • BTA Sandwich $11.75
  • Roasted Prime Rib Sandwich $12.95
  • Granite City Reuben Sandwich $11.75
  • The Overlake Sandwich $10.65
  • Chicken Caesar Wrap $9.65
  • Maple Pepper Bacon and Tomato Flatbread $12.75
  • Buffalo Chicken Flatbread $12.75
  • Classic Pepperoni Flatbread $10.60
  • BBQ Chicken Flatbread $11.75
  • Margherita Flatbread $11.75
  • Prosciutto Olive Flatbread $12.75
  • Big Show Burger $15.95
  • Bleu Peppercorn Burger $12.95
  • Bedda Chedda Bacon Burger $12.95
  • GC Classic Cheeseburger $10.65
  • Bison Burger $14.95
  • 8 oz. Filet Steak $35.15
  • 10 oz. Sirloin Steak $21.30
  • 12 oz. NY Strip Steak $29.85
  • 14 oz. Ribeye Steak $28.85
  • Grilled Chicken and Asparagus Linguini $17.05
  • Pasta Alfredo Chicken $13.95
  • Cajun Pasta $17.05
  • Adult Mac and Cheese $14.95
  • Simply Grilled Salmon $18.10
  • Grilled Salmon Oscar $22.35
  • Fish and Chips $15.95
  • Fish Taco Trio $13.85
  • Crispy Shrimp Taco Trio $14.95
  • BBQ Ribs $21.30
  • BBQ Pork Chops $24.50
  • Candied Pecan Pork Chops $24.50
  • Meatloaf $18.10
  • Mediterranean Chicken $14.50
  • Grilled London Broil $20.25

Granite City’s Most Popular Breakfast Foods

Granite City’s Signature Caramel Rolls: This is a huge part of the Sunday brunch feast at Granite City, and it’s easy to see why. These jumbo cinnamon rolls are prepared fresh just for brunch, topped off with delicious homemade caramel sauce and served with whipped butter. It’ll be tough to keep room for anything else once you get a whiff of these.

RumChata French Toast: Granite City has knocked it out of the park with this creation. Thick cut vanilla and cinnamon swirl bread is soaked in a RumChata custard and then grilled off until its golden brown and toasty.

Reggianno Hashbrown Potatoes: These potatoes are known as legendary, and that’s not a hyperbolic description. Cheesy and creamy hashbrown potatoes are baked off until golden brown, and it’s going to pretty tough for you to remember having a better rendition of this classic dish.

Weekly Breakfast Entree: Granite City changes things up on the regular, and there’s a new featured item for guests to look forward to every week. Items vary based on the seasonal trends, but you can rest assured that no matter what the chefs come up with, it’ll be downright delicious.