Marie Callender's Breakfast Hours & Menu Prices

Find What Time Marie Callender's Serves Breakfast & The Most Popular Breakfast Items

Marie Callender’s has been making pies since the early 1940’s in Southern California. Since then, the restaurant has grown to be a classic American favorite, now serving hot breakfast food for customers.

Whether you need to feed a crowd on a holiday morning or just want to enjoy a relaxing brunch, Marie Callender’s has a large breakfast menu waiting for you.

Marie Callender’s Breakfast Hours & Days

Monday – Saturday: 7AM – 11AM (some breakfast items available all day; check your local Marie Callender’s for all-day breakfast menu)

Sunday Brunch: 9AM – 2PM

Marie Callender’s Breakfast Menu Items

Breakfast menus at Marie Callender’s vary by location, so be sure to check the location nearest you for specific hours and menus.

Marie Callender’s is famous for their pies, and even though that is not a breakfast food, they slyly slipped in some pie flavor. On the famous Blueberry Pie Pancake Platter, lemon pie filling is drizzled across, and the quiche is made with the famous flaky crust. Anything you order for breakfast will satisfy your hunger!

  • Fresh Baked Breakfast Loaf: Complimentary
  • French Toast: 4 wedges = $4.99, 6 wedges = $5.99
  • French Toast Platter: $8.99
  • Blueberry Pie Pancake Platter: $7.49
  • Buttermilk Pancake Platter: $8.99
  • Buttermilk Pancake Stack: $7.99
  • Belgian Waffle Platter: $8.99
  • Belgian Waffle: $5.99
  • California Eggs Benedict: $9.99
  • Breakfast Croissant Sandwich: $7.49
  • Marie’s Classic Bacon or Ham Quiche: $9.49
  • The Big Country Smasher: $9.79
  • Hearty Man’s Combo: $10.49
  • Marie’s Magnificent Six: $6.99
  • “Oh My” Omelette: $10.99
  • BTA Omelette: $10.79
  • Build your own Omelette: $10.49

Marie Callender’s Most Popular Breakfast Foods

Fresh Baked Breakfast Loaf: This warm, fresh loaf of bread is complimentary with any breakfast meal. The flavor depends on the season. It is served with creamy, whipped butter on the side for your enjoyment.

Blueberry Pie Pancake Platter: This platter is not for the faint of heart. Two blueberry pancakes come with drizzles of Marie Callender’s lemon pie filling and whipped cream on top. On the side, as if you won’t be full already, two eggs (any style) and bacon or sausage is served hot and ready!

Marie’s Tremendous Ten: If you come to Marie Callender’s hungry, this is a great choice for you. This platter comes with three eggs (any style), four pieces of bacon or sausage (your choice), and hash browns (very crispy).

Marie’s Classic Bacon Quiche: This popular breakfast dish contains melted cheese, spinach, and egg piled on top of Marie’s famous crust. More melted cheese and bacon is piled on top to maximize the bursts of flavor! Fresh fruit is served on the side to balance out the meal.