Pei Wei Breakfast Hours & Menu Prices

Find What Time Pei Wei Serves Breakfast & The Most Popular Breakfast Items

Pei Wei is a Pan-Asian chain restaurant that has healthier options for noodle and rice dishes. Some of the most popular dishes are pad thai, chicken lettuce wraps, teriyaki bowls, Thai coconut curry with super greens, kung pao, and Vietnamese chicken salad rolls. The blend of various Asian dishes such as Thai, Korean, Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, and more has made this restaurant very popular in the last ten years.

One of the best parts about Pei Wei is the choices you get. Most dishes give you a choice of white or brown rice, meat, vegetables and tofu, seafood, and level of spiciness. The fresh quality ingredients combined with the variety expands Pei Wei’s menu almost three times. The possibility of a breakfast or brunch option at Pei Wei would be ideal because of the endless possibilities.

Pei Wei’s Breakfast Hours & Days

  • Sunday: 11 AM – 2 PM

*Potential breakfast hours

Pei Wei’s Breakfast Menu Items

Although Pei Wei does not offer breakfast hours, there is great potential in carving out time for a Pei Wei brunch special on Sundays. The combination of sweet and savory items on the menu opens up larger spectrum of menu items that would be delicious for brunch.

Dishes like crepes, omelets, breakfast bowls, and rice cakes can be crafted from items already on the menu.The hours would not have to change but the brunch could be limited from 11 AM – 2 PM on Sunday along with other regular lunch items.

  • Fried Rice Omelet
  • Savory Crepe
  • Breakfast Bowl
  • Rice Cakes
  • Egg Crepe
  • Fried Rice and Egg bowl
  • Sesame Chicken Burrito
  • Orange Chicken Burrito

Pei Wei’s Most Popular Breakfast Foods

Fried Rice Omelet: A combination of fried rice and mixed vegetables cooked inside an omelet with green scallions to top it off and would be a very filling but tasty breakfast.

Savory Crepe: This is a classic breakfast item at many restaurants but a buckwheat crepe mixed with chicken, rice, carrots, and pea spouts would be and interesting take on an Asian style breakfast.

Rice Cakes: Molasses, fruit, nuts and rice crumbs can make for a sweet breakfast dish at Pei Wei.

Egg Crepe: The idea behind this is Taiwanese take on an egg and cheese omelette wrapped in a scallion pancake; also served with a sweet sauce and chili paste.

Fried Rice and Egg Bowl: Fried rice typically already has a little bit of scrambled egg on it but this bowl could be egg heavy with some scrambled egg mixed in with the rice and vegetables and a poached egg on top of the dish.

Sesame Chicken Burrito: This concept would include the menu’s Sesame Chicken mixed with spring vegetables in a burrito.

Breakfast Bowl: This could include fresh vegetables and rice noodles with a fried egg on top.