Pei Wei Catering Menu Prices

Find Pei Wei Catering Menu & Popular Food Choices

If you want to add a bit of Asian zing to your next meal, the Pei Wei catering menu is one of America’s favorite choices. It lends most of its influence from Japan, but combines flavors from across the region to provide a unique and tasty menu.

With extensive and wide-ranging options, it’s hard not to find something you’ll enjoy on the Pei Wei menu. Best of all, it’s probably much different than the bland food you’re used to ordering when you cater at the office or other events.

If you’re looking for quick, affordable Asian food that doesn’t sacrifice flavor, you’re definitely on the right track with Pei Wei — there’s a reason they’ve been successful across the nation.

Make sure to check out our Pei Wei catering menu if you want to avoid wasting time searching online for their offerings.



Traditional Chicken Lettuce WrapsServe 6$35.99
Vegetable Spring RollsServe 6$21.99
Pork Egg RollsServe 6$21.99
Crab WontonServe 4$9.99
EdamameServe 6$8.99
Vietnamese Chicken Salad RollServe 4$19.99
Edamame HummusServe 6$22.99
Honey-Sriracha WingsServe 8$22.99
Thai Chicken Lettuce WrapsServe 6$35.99


Mongolian Wok ClassicServe 6$42.99
Honey-Seared Wok ClassicServe 6$42.99
Ginger Broccoli Wok ClassicServe 6$42.99
Sweet & Sour Wok ClassicServe 6$42.99
Teriyaki Wok ClassicServe 6$42.99
Kung Pao Wok ClassicServe 6$42.99
Sesame Wok ClassicServe 6$42.99
Pei Wei Spicy Wok ClassicServe 6$42.99
Korean Spicy Wok ClassicServe 6$42.99
Thai Dynamite Wok ClassicServe 6$42.99
Caramel Wok ClassicServe 6$42.99

Sushi Rolls

Spicy Tuna RollsServe 4$26.99
Mango California RollServe 4$22.99
Mango California & Spicy Tuna Roll ComboServe 4$24.99
Kung Pao RollServe 4$30.99
Teriyaki Crunch RollServe 4$22.99
Sushi Crunch ComboServe 4$24.99
Wasabi Crunch RollServe 4$26.99

Rice & Noodles

Pad ThaiServe 6$42.99
Fried RiceServe 6$42.99
Chow MeinServe 6$42.99
Bangkok Peanut NoodlesServe 6$40.99
Japenese Steak & Chile RamenServe 6$49.99


Thai Wonton SoupServe 6$9.99
Hot & Sour SoupServe 6$9.99


Asian Chopped Chicken SaladServe 6$20.99
Side SaladServe 6$9.99
Vietnamese Rice Noodle SaladServe 6$20.99
Ahi Avocado SaladServe 6$20.99


Bakers Dozen of Chocolate Chip CookiesServe 13$11.99
Bakers Dozen of Snickerdoodle CookiesServe 13$11.99


Gallon Mandarin TeaServe 8$4.99
Gallon Black Chai TeaServe 8$4.99
Gallon LemonadeServe 8$4.99
Bottled Waterbottle$2.19

Popular Catering Choices at Pei Wei

Bring your catering game up a notch and order from Pei Wei when you next decide to cater for lunch or dinner. Their creative menu items and commitment to flavor are sure to go a long way in impressing your customers, clients, co-workers, or guests.

While the restaraunt is famous for sushi, they also have plenty of soups, sharing platters, springs rolls, desserts, salads, rice bowls, and other popular menu items.

If you’re still not sure what to order, check out the popular menu items below!

Pork Egg Roll

If you want to start a meal off right, there are few better ways than with some Pork Egg Rolls. These delicious egg rolls come fried with seasoned pork, Napa cabbage, black mushrooms, carrots, and scallions — they’re also served with sweet chili sauce.

If you want an order of four, it will cost you $7.59. You can order as many as you need.

Traditional Chicken Lettuce Wraps

One of the most popular items on the menu are the Traditional Chicken Lettuce Wraps — they’re a healthy alternative with an Asian twist. They come with ground white chicken, seared with shiitake mushrooms, water, chestnuts, scallions, garlic, and soy sauce.

You wrap the meet in crisp iceberg lettuce — it doesn’t get much better than this! Each order can be shared and costs $6.99.

Mango California Roll

This is Pei Wei’s take on the California Roll! This wonderful roll of sushi comes with Pacific Krab, mango, scallions, cucumbers, and premium rice. It’s also sprinkled with some sesame seeds.

As their most popular sushi item, any sushi lover is sure to enjoy this great meal. You can get eight pieces for just $5!

Fudge Brownies

If you’re looking to add a little dessert to your meal, Pei Wei sticks to American options for the sweet portion of their menu. They have delicious fudge brownies that can be purchased in large quantities.

Each brownie will cost you $1.49, but you can order as many as you want!

Enjoy Pei Wei’s Catering Offering

There’s never a wrong time to order your favorite Asian dishes, and Pei Wei has the ability to deliver the flavors you want, any time of year. With locations spread throughout the country, you’re never too far away from ordering at Pei Wei.

If you want a creative and unique idea for your next event, this is definitely a top option. They have a menu that can cater to almost any preference — you won’t have to worry about leaving someone out.

You can order food directly through their website, or call your local branch. There’s never been a better time to pick up the phone and call your favorite local Asian restaurant!