Bertucci's Catering Menu Prices

Find Bertucci's Catering Menu & Popular Food Choices

If you’re like us, you love the savory flavors and enticing textures of Italian food, and that means you’ll be excited to learn about Bertucci’s catering menu. A family restaurant that has a history of providing incredible Italian fare to its customers at prices that are incredibly reasonable, they’ve made a move to bring their food to their customer’s homes and events to ensure that these rich and flavorful meals can be provided in any venue. There’s nothing like bringing the warmth and comfort of traditional Italian food to an event to ensure everyone has a good time.

Below you’ll find their complete catering menu:


Great Beginnings

PolpetteServes 6-8$28.50
AntipastoServes 6-8$45.50
Classic BruschettaServes 6-8$30.00
Grilled Tuscan Chicken WingsServes 6-8$30.00


Farmhouse SaladServes 6-8$41.50
Farmhouse Salad with ChickenServes 6-8$56.75
Farmhouse Salad with ShrimpServes 6-8$60.50
Farmhouse Salad with SalmonServes 6-8$72.00
InsalataServes 6-8$41.50
Insalata with ChickenServes 6-8$56.75
Insalata with ShrimpServes 6-8$60.50
Insalata with SalmonServes 6-8$72.00
CaesarServes 6-8$26.50
Caesar with ChickenServes 6-8$37.99
Caesar with ShrimpServes 6-8$45.50
Caesar with SalmonServes 6-8$56.75
ArugulaServes 6-8$34.00
Arugula with ChickenServes 6-8$49.25
Arugula with ShrimpServes 6-8$53.00
Arugula With SalmonServes 6-8$64.50

Pasta Classics

Pasta & PolpetteServes 6-8$48.50
Rigatoni with Pomodoro SauceServes 6-8$37.99
Rigatoni with BologneseServes 6-8$43.50
Chicken DomaniServes 6-8$50.99
Rigatoni AbruzziServes 6-8$45.50
Lasagna RusticaServes 6-8$49.50
Rigatoni Del RosarioServes 6-8$37.99
Rigatoni, Broccoli & Chicken with ChickenServes 6-8$47.50
Rigatoni, Broccoli & Chicken with ShrimpServes 6-8$50.99

Entrée Specialita

Roasted Eggplant PomodoroServes 6-8$49.00
Chicken Anna MariaServes 6-8$56.99
Chicken ParmaServes 6-8$55.99
Grilled Chicken MarsalaServes 6-8$56.99
Chicken PiccataServes 6-8$55.99
Shrimp RossiniServes 6-8$57.99
SalmonServes 6-8$72.00
Scampi with ChickenServes 6-8$55.99
Scampi with ShrimpServes 6-8$57.99


Fire-Roasted Tuscan VegetablesServes 6-8$18.99
Roasted Rosemary PotatoesServes 6-8$18.00

Individual Lunches

Sandwich Platters

Served with Inslata
Focaccia Sandwich Sampler$79.99
Specialty Wraps$89.99

Box Lunches

Minimum of 8 Box Lunches per Order
Focaccia Sandwich Box LunchPer Person$10.00
Specialty Wrap Box LunchPer Person$10.00

Sweet Endings

Traditional CannoliServes 6-8$34.00
Traditional CannoliServes 6-8$68.00
Fresh-Baked Assorted CookiesServes 6-8$15.50
Fresh-Baked Assorted CookiesServes 6-8$30.99

Popular Catering Choices at Bertucci’s

Bertucci’s has an interesting approach to their catering offerings. Rather than providing prices for a single item, they have created different banquet offerings with an herb-based naming scheme. Each of them provides a different selection of items from their menu and is priced on a per person basis, allowing you to custom select a proper banquet to feed your guests and meet your budget.

Check out their most popular items below:

Parsley Banquet

This is one of their most popular catering menu offerings, providing a reasonable rate for delicious food. Select the parsley banquet you select two of three pizzas, or one of two pasta options if you desire. You can choose the Cheese, Bertucci, or Margherita pizzas, or the Rigatoni Pomodoro or Rigatoni with Meatballs. This banquet option comes with salad, soft drink, and a Hoodsie ice cream.

All that for $16 a person

Oregano Banquet

The Oregano banquet is a more ambitious banquet offering, providing a full meal for your guests. You get to choose either their Insalata or Caesar salads, their meatballs with Pomodoro, Tuscan Roasted Vegetables, Rosemary Roasted Potatoes, and either chocolate chunk or butter sugar cookies. You get to choose 5 out of 13 main options from their Entrees and pasta selections.

It all starts at $26 a person, with a $2 surcharge per plate for entrees

Basil Banquet

This option is popular when serving family events, and comes with a choice of salads, a choice of three out of eight entrees and pasta. From there you can personalize by adding some of their popular sides, including Mozzarella Fritta, Grilled Tuscan Chicken Wings, or Antipasto, as well as their Tuscan Roasted Vegetables and Rosemary Roasted Potatoes. Call for more details.

This option starts at $21 a person

Thyme Banquet

Their Thyme Banquet features a variety of options from their Brick Oven with three options from their pasta, including their spaghetti with meatballs, rigatoni Abruzzi, and four cheese ravioli. Their pizza options for this banquet is broad, including their Sporkie, Silano, and a number of their pizza offerings. After you pick your choice of salad, you can also consider adding sides and desserts for an upcharge.

This banquet is available for just $19 a person

Enjoy Bertucci’s Catering Offering

When you’re looking for authentic Italian cuisine at a reasonable price that will leave everyone full and happy, it’s time to call Bertucci and arrange for them to handle your catering needs. Your guests will love the offerings from their banquets, and your pocket book will love the price. Bertucci’s cuisine is recognized as some of the finest casual dining Italian on the market.