Church's Chicken Catering Menu Prices

Find Church's Chicken Catering Menu & Popular Food Choices

The Church’s Chicken catering menu is brought to you by a restaurant straight out of Orange County and Los Angeles that specializes in bringing delicious chicken to events held at churches throughout their local area. While it was that ambition that started them on their path to greatness, they now serve hundreds of customers throughout their area every year with an eye towards providing the best chicken and the best catering practices together in one venue.

Check out their full menu below:


Breakfast Cinnamon Roll Tray

Cinnamon Roll Tray PartyServes 4$9.99
Cinnamon Roll Tray PartyServes 6$13.99
Cinnamon Roll Tray PartyServes 12$23.99

Breakfast Biscuits

Chicken Biscuit a La Carte EntréeDozen$34.99
Bacon, Egg and Cheese BiscuitDozen$34.99
Sausage, Egg and Cheese BiscuitDozen$34.99
Honey-Butter BiscuitDozen$9.99

2 Piece Box Meal

Leg and Thigh or Tender Strips25 Boxes$5.00
Breast and Wing Meal25 Boxes$7.00
Mixed Meal25 Boxes$6.00

3 Piece Box Meal

Leg and Thigh or Tender Strips Meal25 Boxes$6.00
Breast and Wing Meal25 Boxes$8.00
Mixed Meal25 Boxes$7.00

Boneless Wings

BBQ Boneless Wings50 Pc.$27.99
BBQ Boneless Wings100 Pc.$49.99
Buffalo Boneless Wings50 Pc.$27.99
Buffalo Boneless Wings100 Pc.$49.99
Sweet & Spicy Boneless Wings50 Pc.$27.99
Sweet & Spicy Boneless Wings100 Pc.$49.99

Feed 20 People

White Chicken$135.00
Mixed Chicken$110.00
Legs and Thighs or Tender Strips$100.00

Feed 40 People

White Chicken$225.00
Mixed Chicken$195.00
Legs and Thighs or Tender Strips$175.00

Feed 60 People

White Chicken$335.00
Mixed Chicken$285.00
Legs and Thighs or Tender Strips$250.00

Feed 80 People

White Chicken$425.00
Mixed Chicken$375.00
Legs and Thighs or Tender Strips$335.00

Feed 100 People

White Chicken$500.00
Mixed Chicken$450.00
Legs and Thighs or Tender Strips$410.00

Classic Sides

Mashed Potatoes with GravyServes (4-5)$15.00
Mashed Potatoes with GravyServes (8-10)$25.00
Cole SlawServes (4-5)$15.00
Cole SlawServes (8-10)$25.00
Green BeansServes (4-5)$15.00
Green BeansServes (8-10)$25.00
Cajun RiceServes (4-5)$15.00
Cajun RiceServes (8-10)$25.00
FriesServes (4-5)$15.00
FriesServes (8-10)$25.00
Jalapeno Cheese BombersServes (4-5)$15.00
Jalapeno Cheese BombersServes (8-10)$25.00
Baked Macaroni and CheeseServes (4-5)$15.00
Baked Macaroni and CheeseServes (8-10)$25.00
Fried OkraServes (4-5)$15.00
Fried OkraServes (8-10)$25.00

Catering Accessories

Disposable Heating Kit$9.99


Apple Pie30 Pc.$30.00
Apple Pie50 Pc.$45.00
Cinnamon Swirl30 Pc.$50.00
Cinnamon Swirl50 Pc.$90.00
5 Lb Bag of Ice$2.00
Bucket of Ice with Ice Scoop$5.00


100% Colombian Coffee To-Go Box$12.00
Churchs Southern Sweet Tea or UnsweetenedHalf Gallon$3.99
Bottled Water$1.99
6 Pack Coke Product$5.99
Minute Maid Orange Juice$1.99
Minute Maid Apple Juice$1.99

Popular Catering Choices at Church’s Chicken

When you’re looking to spice things up with a basic dish prepared in a variety of styles, it’s time to call Church’s Chicken and see what they can offer your event. Their menu started with a few simple options but has grown to include a blend of fusion dishes that bring together French, Asian, Italian, and American cuisines in one delicious place. Your guests are going to love their collection of cinnamon rolls, meal boxes, or large batches of boneless wings.

Look below for some of their most popular items:

Cinnamon Roll Party Tray

Every catered event goes better when you kick them off with a sweet beginning. Church’s provides cinnamon rolls that are made with their proprietary recipe that includes rich, flavorful fillings and a creamy topping that will leave your guests feeling like they’ve been touched by the rapture. Available in three sizes you can select the right size.

A small for $9.99 serves 4, medium serves 6 for $13.99, and large serves 12 for $23.99

Breakfast Biscuits

When it comes to breakfast offerings, it’s hard to deny that chicken and biscuits are a traditional offering that will leave your guests reaching for seconds and thirds. But you can also get bacon, egg, and cheese biscuits, or sausage egg and cheese biscuits for the same price, serving a dozen per order.

Get your order for $34.99 for a dozen, or honey-butter biscuits for $9.99/dozen

2 Piece Meal Box

This two piece meal provides Church’s chicken in combination with their potatoes and biscuits for a mere $5 a box to start. Other choices can adjust the price and provide your guests with more options in their dining experience. A popular and affordable option, your guests will love it.

The leg and thigh or Tenders box is $5 each, Breast and Wing for $7, and a mixed box is $6

Large Party Orders

If you’re feeding a truly large group, you may just need to start ordering their chicken in bulk. They provide prices that will let you serve parties of 20, 40, 60, 80, or 100 without breaking the bank. These orders come with batches of sides of your choice that will accompany the chicken.

Feed 20 for $135, 40 for $225, 80 for $425, and 100 for $500

Enjoy Church’s Chicken’s Catering Offering

Church’s Chicken are experts at feeding large groups of people and are sure to provide you with a catering experience that will leave you smiling and ready to order again. Their food is guaranteed to satisfy and will be delivered hot and fresh to your location ready for your guys to start dining immediately. Thousands of customers get serviced by Church’s Chicken every year, and their reputation for excellence only continues to grow as time goes by. Don’t take a chance on another chicken caterer, order from Church’s Chicken and work with the catering experts.