El Torito Catering Menu Prices

Find El Torito Catering Menu & Popular Food Choices

El Torito’s Catering Menu brings you a tantalizing assortment of dishes made with traditional ingredients and delivered by staff that knows how important hospitality is to your event. First established in 1954, El Torito has a long history of bringing great Mexican food to families all over the United States. Their home and family atmosphere is reflected in the comforting nature of their food, and their ability to impart those experiences through their catering services makes El Torito one of the nations favorite catering options.

There’s a full catering menu from El Torito found below:


Burrito Box

10 Person minimum
Burrito BoxPer Person$9.00

Taco Bar

Taco BarPer Person$15.00

Ultimate Buffet

Serves 10 People


Mexican Caesar$30.00
Grilled Chicken Mexican Caesar$50.00
Grilled Chicken & Avocado Salad$50.00


Pollo Asado$70.00
Steak Picado$75.00
Chile Colorado$75.00
Steak Fajitas$80.00
Chicken Fajitas$75.00
Fajita Vegetables$30.00


Beef or Chicken$30.00
Spinach Enchiladas$30.00
Cheese Enchiladas$25.00


Chicken Flautas$30.00
Cheese or Chicken Quesadilla$30.00
Steak Quesadilla$35.00
Mexican Buffalo Wings$20.00
Soft Tacos - Chicken or Carnitas$30.00
Soft Tacos - Steak$35.00
Vegetable Tray$35.00


Refried Beans$20.00
Frijoles De La Olla$20.00
Mexican Rice$20.00
Sweet Corn Cake$25.00
Corn or Flour Tortillas$9.00
Tortilla Chips & Salsa$10.00


Flan Tray$25.00


Bottled Water & Soft DrinksEach$25.00


Breakfast Burritos

Breakfast Burritos$7.00


Serves 10
Coffee Container$15.00
OJ Container$15.00

Breakfast Trays

Serves 10
Breakfast Tacos$20.00
Breakfast Tacos with Meat$30.00
Breakfast Quesadillas$20.00
Breakfast Quesadillas with Meat$30.00
Chilaquiles with Meat$30.00
Breakfast Enchiladas$25.00
Breakfast Enchiladas with Meat$30.00
Breakfast Enchilada Pie$25.00
Breakfast Enchilada Pie with Meat$30.00
Mexican Scrambled Eggs$25.00
Mexican Scrambled Eggs with Meat$30.00
Mexican Potatoes$20.00
Sausage, Bacon or Ham$25.00
Fruit Bowl$30.00

Popular Catering Choices at El Torito

When you order from El Torito you’re ordering some of the world’s most delicious Mexican food, and ensuring that your guests will be enjoying a fine dining experience. Calling this dedicated team of culinary professionals means you’ll be receiving the high-quality food they’re known for delivered directly to your event. Whether it’s a family affair or a large business gathering, El Torito’s will make it a dining experience not to be forgotten.

Check out their menu of popular items below:

Taco Bar

El Torito serves incredible tacos at their restaurants, and you can arrange to have them delivered to your event no matter the size. Their topping assortment includes shredded Jack cheese, sour cream, Mexican rice, lettuce cabbage mix, pico de gallo, and can be served with steak, carnitas, chicken, or fajita vegetables. You can add guacamole for just $2 a person.

Minimum order of 10 people at $16 a person

Burrito Box

These burrito boxes come loaded conveniently to feed your guests and are perfect for serving out at a work site or a catered business lunch. With their signature combination of Mexican Rice, Sour Cream, Shredded Jack Cheese and Refried Beans, these burritos are topped with your choice of Barbacoa, Steak, Carnitas, Chicken, or Vegetarian toppings.

Order for a minimum of 10 people at $10 a person.

Breakfast Buffet

Their breakfast buffet comes with a delectable assortment of options that will ensure you get your day started off right with a fresh breakfast burrito. The basic burrito starts with cheese, salsa, potatoes, egg, and pico de gallo, but you can add meat, guacamole, and fruit cups as add-ons.

Just burritos for $8 a person, $2 for guacamole, $1 for bacon and cheese, and $3 for fruit cups.

Ultimate Buffet

When you’re ready to go all out, you can order their ultimate buffet, a piece-meal selection of their most tantalizing entrees, each selection capable of serving ten people each. The prices on the items on this list vary, but range from $9 for their corn and flour tortillas to $85 for their Steak Fajitas for ten people. Put together your order and add $10 to have a chafing dish and sterno delivered with.

Enjoy El Torito’s Catering Offering

El Toritos prides itself on offering its customers a fine dining experience that is unparalleled by other Mexican food establishments. Whether you have months to plan or it has to happen tomorrow, you can call, and their expert staff will make sure the food you need for your event can be immediately available and will arrive ready for your guests to start dining. An order from El Torito can feed a family of 12 or a few hundred business professionals, just call with the number you expect and get started.