Souplantation Catering Menu Prices

Find Souplantation Catering Menu & Popular Food Choices

Check out the Souplantation catering menu to find the perfect healthy meal for your next event or meeting. They’ve got a large variety of items that will allow all of your guests or employees to satisfy their cravings.

Souplantation is known for their all-you-can-eat healthy buffet and salad bar. They’re dedicated to fresh, organic food and making sure that all of their items are sustainably sourced.

With Souplantation, you can stop ordering fast, processed food for your meetings or parties. Junk food only slows people down and gives them bad fuel for their bodies.

The healthy catering options from Souplantation will give your team the energy they need to get through the rest of their day.



Small Serves 6, Large Serves 14
Fruit TraySmall$19.99
Fruit TrayLarge$29.99
Garden Vegetable TraySmall$19.99
Garden Vegetable TrayLarge$29.99

Catering Packages

Signature PackagePer Person$10.50


Wrap Platter 10 Half WrapsServes 8$32.99
Wrap Platter 20 Half WrapsServes 15$54.99
Wrap Boxed LunchPer Person$9.99

Hot Entrees

Macaroni & CheeseServes 8$29.99
Baked PotatoPer Person$4.99
Featured PastaServes 8$29.99

Salads & Sides

Classic Caesar Asiago SaladServes 6$15.99
Classic Caesar Asiago SaladServes 10$26.99
Wonton Happiness SaladServes 6$15.99
Wonton Happiness SaladServes 10$26.99
Featured Tossed SaladServes 6$15.99
Featured Tossed SaladServes 10$26.99
Garden SaladServes 6$15.99
Garden SaladServes 10$26.99
Joans Broccoli Madness SaladServes 6$6.99
Joans Broccoli Madness SaladServes 15$15.99
Joans Broccoli Madness SaladServes 35$26.99
Featured Deli SaladServes 6$6.99
Featured Deli SaladServes 15$15.99
Featured Deli SaladServes 35$26.99
Tuna Tarragon SaladServes 6$6.99
Tuna Tarragon SaladServes 15$15.99
Tuna Tarragon SaladServes 35$26.99

Soup & Bread

House ChiliServes 8$29.99
Featured Vegetarian SoupServes 8$29.99
Big Chunk Chicken Noodle SoupServes 8$29.99
Featured Cream SoupServes 8$29.99
Cheesy Garlic FocacciaServes 12$8.99
Sourdough LoafServes 10$4.99
Quattro Fromaggio FocacciaServes 12$8.99
5-Grain Bread LoafServes 10$4.99
Featured Non-Vegetarian SoupServes 8$29.99


Featured DessertServes 6$15.99
CookiesServes 12$3.99


Gallon Sweet TeaServes 8$10.99
Gallon Unsweet TeaServes 8$10.99
Gallon LemonadeServes 8$10.99
Gallon Strawberry LemonadeServes 8$10.99
Bottled Water$2.39

Popular Catering Choices at Souplantation

As you can guess, all of their catering options are healthy! Beyond that, they are also convenient and perfect for sharing between multiple workers or guests.

You can get a variety of salads, wraps, and even fruit or vegetable trays. No matter what your next event is, there is something perfect for you at Souplantation.

All of the options are sure to fill up everyone your feeding, without emptying your wallet. You don’t have to sacrifice low costs for healthy food! Check out their quality menu items below!

Fruit Tray

Filled with fresh fruit that is currently in season, this fruit tray will feed 14 people! You will have great options to offer every person at your event.

From pineapple to oranges and watermelon, you’re going to have refreshing fruit that will act as a healthy dessert and snack throughout the afternoon or evening. Get one for only $29.99.

Wrap Platter

This is a perfect option for a business meeting. It is your whole meal wrapped up in to one, easily handled meal. That way you can get straight to work.

Souplantation’s wraps are filled with fresh ingredients like lettuce and spinach, chicken, cheese and other veggies of your choice. You can get a platter to serve 15 people for $54.99.

Featured Pasta

Each day, Souplantation features a specific pasta. On any given day, you could have great options like macaroni and cheese or lemon cream penne pasta.

You’ll get a pasta bowl that will comfortably serve 8. Choose your pasta today and get this catering option for only $29.99


This is the most popular option at Souplantation and is truly their specialty. They have lots of different salads to choose from like the Classic Caesar Asiago, Wonton Happiness, or Garden Salad.

You can get a large salad to serve 10 people for only $26.99. That’s less than three dollars per person!

Enjoy Souplantation’s Catering Offering

If you’re not ordering your meeting lunch or party dinner from Souplantation, then you’re missing out on delicious, healthy food. You can be assured that your guests and employees will thank you if you grab some catering items from Souplantation.

Give delicious fuel to the people that you care about and stop feeding them greasy fast food! There is nothing better than the feeling of a lunch filled with fruit and vegetables.

Souplantation makes it easy by delivering or allowing you to schedule pick up of your order. They will have it perfectly prepared and ensure that it is exactly what you wanted.

Relieve the stress of finding food for your next event and let Souplantation take care of that crucial part of the planning!