Tender Greens Catering Menu Prices

Find Tender Greens Catering Menu & Popular Food Choices

If you’re looking for the perfect mix of comfort food, salad, and other healthy options, the Tender Greens catering menu can provide everything you’re looking for. This untraditional salad chain has plenty of different menu items on offer for you.

The restaurant has locations in three states throughout the country — California, New York, and Massachusetts. The concept has proven extremely popular in the current locations that Tender Greens are located, they plan on expanding their operations more extensively in the future.

Not only do they provide plenty of regular menu items, they also have a catering menu with plenty of variety. It’s the best way to order large sums of food for important events or functions.

If you’re looking to add some flavor to your next event or function, check out their catering menu right here on our site!



Falafel SandwichServe 1$9.00
Salt & Pepper Chicken SandwichServe 1$9.50
Chipotle BBQ Chicken SandwichServe 1$9.50
Backyard Steak SandwichServe 1$10.50

Hot Entrées

Catering Plate10 persons$12.50

A La Carte Proteins

Falafel1 Person$6.00
Salt & Pepper Chicken1 Person$6.00
Chipotle BBQ Chicken1 Person$6.00
Fried Chicken1 Person$7.00
Backyard Steak1 Person$7.00
Albacore Tuna1 Person$7.00

Entrées Salads

Chinese Chicken SaladServe 5$60.00
Happy Vegan SaladServe 5$60.00
Chopped SaladServe 5$62.50
Grilled Chicken Cobb SaladServe 5$62.50
Chipotle BBQ Chicken SaladServe 5$62.50
Serrano Grilled Shrimp SaladServe 5$65.00
Tuna Nicoise SaladServe 5$65.00
Backyard Steak SaladServe 5$65.00

Side Salads

Tender Greens SaladServe 10$30.00
Baby Spinach SaladServe 10$30.00
Butter Lettuce SaladServe 10$30.00
Romaine Caesar SaladServe 10$30.00
Baby Arugula SaladServe 10$30.00
Kale SaladServe 10$30.00

Soups & Sides

Roasted Tomato SoupServe 4$16.00
Rustic Chicken SoupServe 4$16.00
FarroServe 8$16.00
QuinoaServe 8$16.00
TaboulehServe 8$16.00
Green HummusServe 24$16.00
Seasonal VeggiesServe 6$27.50
California Sprouted RiceServe 10$30.00
Mashed PotatoesServe 10$36.00


Chocolate Chunk CookiesServe 12$12.00


Black Iced TeaServe 4$12.50
Hibiscus Iced TeaServe 4$12.50
Mint LemonadeServe 4$12.50
Agua FrescaServe 4$12.50

Popular Catering Choices at Tender Greens

Don’t take any shortcuts with your next catering offer — Tender Greens can ensure your next catered event is done affordably and effectively. They have a wide range of food offerings that ensure you get the most out of their catering solutions.

If you’re looking for great meat plates, salads, sweets, sandwiches, and sides, you can find everything you need right at Tender Greens! They have a menu that touches every corner of the comfort food niche.

Below we’ll take a deeper look at some of the fan favorites they offer to their catering customers.


If you’re looking for an entree meal to serve to your co-workers or customers, the Plates at Tender Greens are the perfect choice. You can order your choice of two meats, including chicken, steak, tuna, falafel, and a range of other choices.

The meal also comes with a choice of two sides such as salad, mashed potato, spinach, vegetables and more. Each plate is $12.50 per person — you must order a minimum of 10.


If you’re looking for a healthy meal, or something green to have on the side, the salads from Tender Greens are a great choice. They have over seven different choices for you to choose from, including Chinese Chicken Salad, Steak Salad, a vegan salad, and Tuna-based salad.

Each serves up to 10 people as a side, or five as an entree. The prices range from $60.00 to $65.00.


Sometimes it’s best to stick to the basics, and Tender Greens has a great range of sandwiches that you can choose from if you want something simple for lunch or dinner. Falafel, fried chicken, salt and pepper chicken, steak, and BBQ chicken are all available choices.

The prices depend on the sandwich you order, but range from $9.50 to $10.50.

Carrot Cupcake

Don’t forget dessert for the end of the meal! The Carrot Cupcake at Tender Greens is a great choice if you’re looking for a unique desert for you next function or meeting.

They’re $4.00 each, but worth every penny!

Enjoy Tender Greens’ Catering Offering

If you’re looking for quick, enjoyable food for your next event, you don’t need to look any further than Tender Greens. This awesome eatery has been great at helping their catering customers bring their catering offerings to the next level.

With the perfect mixture of health and flavor, you’re sure to impress anyone that comes along to your next event or function. Better yet, you can order anything you want from their regular menu and catering menu directly through their online website.

While they’re only available in three states at the moment, expansion is planned so keep your eyes pealed. If you do live in the areas they service, make sure to try out all the great items on their catering menu!