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In 1982 there was a couple of guys who saw an opportunity in the form of an abandoned building that used to be a Texas Barbeque Joint, and almost 40 years later you now have the Chuy’s Catering Menu. In this original restaurant was seating for about 60 and an opportunity for decorating that resulted in the phrase “If you’ve seen one Chuy’s, you’ve seen one Chuy’s” speaking to the unique nature and character of each of their locations. One thing remains consistent, however, and that’s the quality and taste of the Tex-Mex style foods they offer.

Check out their full menu below:



Salsa FrescaServes (2-4)$2.85
Salsa FrescaServes (6-8)$5.29
Salsa FrescaServes (10-12)$9.99
Creamy JalapenoServes (2-4)$3.85
Creamy JalapenoServes (6-8)$6.75
Creamy JalapenoServes (10-12)$12.75
GuacamoleServes (2-4)$6.75
GuacamoleServes (6-8)$12.99
GuacamoleServes (10-12)$24.69
Chile Con QuesoServes (2-4)$7.50
Chile Con QuesoServes (6-8)$13.75
Chile Con QuesoServes (10-12)$25.30
Chicken Flautas$13.75
Quesadillas (With Chicken)Dozen$27.50


Add Creamy Jalapenos For $.25/person, Add Queso For $.50/person, Add Creamy Jalapeno & Queso For $.75/person.
Peace, Love & EnchiladasPer Person$10.39
The Chiquito BurritoPer Person$8.25
The Chiquito Burrito (With Fajita Chicken Or Beef)Per Person$9.25
Nacho BarPer Person$8.29
Taco SaladPer Person$9.99
Mexi-Cobb SaladPer Person$10.59

Fajita Bar

The Big Daddio3 Tacos PP$15.25
The Mamacita2 Tacos PP$12.00


Rice Or BeansServes (2-4)$1.50
Rice Or BeansServes (6-8)$2.85
Rice Or BeansServes (10-12)$5.29
TortillasHalf Dozen$1.59
Tres LechesPer Sheet$45.00
Iced TeaGallon$9.00

Popular Catering Choices at Chuy’s

Chuy’s are experts at providing great dining experiences filled with the tastes and textures of traditional Tex-Mex food. When you start with their appetizers, such as the Chile Con Queso and Quesadillas, you’re starting a dining journey that will only end with full tummies and satisfied smiles. Follow these up with their unique house soups and salads, and then dive into the main course. The sheer assortment of options and explosions of flavor will leave your guests raving about the dish and excited about the next time you cater an event.

Check out these popular dishes below:

Mexi-cobb Salad

The Mexi-Cobb salad comes with an assortment of delicious toppings all based on a pile of fresh and flavorful greens. Combine cheese, avocados, tomatoes, green chiles, and Fajita chicken and you get a salad that will leave your stomach south of the border and your smile as broad as Texas.

Serve your posse for $10.59 a person


It’s a simple dish, the Quesadilla, but it’s a simple dish that when done right produces an incredible experience that will leave you wanting seconds and thirds. Try their guacamole, pico de gallo, and sour cream smeared over their handmade flour tortillas with green chiles, cheese, and onions. Want to boost it up? Get yours with Fajita Chicken.

$23.50 plain, $27.50 with chicken per person

Burritos As Big As Yo’ Face

Their burritos are truly a thing of wonder, and they aren’t lying with their slogan. They believe in big, filling burritos that will leave your stomach content. When you order these, it’s often suggested that you order one per person, but these burritos can be a bit much for most people to handle, so order with caution.

Get yours for $8.25 a person, or $9.25 with chicken or beef.


This dish is a truly popular option for their customers, a crispy, flaky tortilla wrapped around cheese, green chiles, cilantro, and oven-roasted chicken that’s dropped into oil and deep-fried and topped with sauce and sour-cream. You’re not going to believe how delicious these are until you bite into one and find yourself scarfing the whole thing down.

Get yours for $10.39 a person

Enjoy Chuy’s Catering Offering

Their food is the only thing they truly take seriously, and it shows in the taste and satisfaction their customers report after dining at their restaurant. Bringing that same level of flavor and experience to customers looking to cater events has been a passion of theirs since their first catered event. “Bringing Tex-Mex To The People” is their slogan, born out of a love of their food and ambition for experiences that will leave people satisfied and talk about their dining experience for ages. When you want to provide an incredible catered Tex-Mex experience, contact Chuy’s, you’ll never regret it.