Del Taco Catering Menu Prices

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The Del Taco Catering Menu is the result of a company that got its start in 1964 and entered the restaurant game on its first day with over 900 tacos worth of sales. From that point on it has eagerly grown to bring the world some of the most delicious Mexican fast food available in the market. When you’re planning an event and want fresh, delicious, simple Mexican food that will bring a smile to your guests face and leave them sated and happy, it’s time to contact Del Taco.

Check out their full catering menu below:


Full Service Buffet

Minimum 25
Full Service BuffetPer Person$6.99

Party Pack

Minimum 10
Party PackPer Person$4.99
Add to Make it DeluxePer Person$3.00

Sides and Desserts

Chips & SalsaServes 10-12$7.99
Nachos & CheeseServes 8-12$7.99

Popular Catering Choices at Del Taco

When you pour over the Del Taco menu trying to decide what to bring to your guests, your biggest problem is going to be trying to decide exactly what you should order. With classics like their Epic Queso Chicken, Steak & Potato, and Carne Asada Burritos, you’ll be able to order impressively large options that will leave your guests feeling comfortably full and happy. Don’t dive into the main course when you can start off with a festive salad that brings all these flavors together.

Not sure? Select one of their popular items below:

Full-Service Buffet

Del Taco is well versed in what it means to serve food to large groups of people, especially after getting their start with a 900 order day. Affordable and delicious, their full-service buffet arrives with an assortment of toppings, fillings, rice, cheeses, and proteins so you can assemble delicious burritos with ease. This requires a minimum order of 25 but can be ordered to serve hundreds.

This full buffet runs $6.99 a person

Party Pack

When you need to feed a smaller group of people, Del Taco has the perfect solution for you. Call ahead and order your party pack and they’ll deliver a small order of pre-assembled meals that will keep your small gathering going with delicious food. This still requires a minimum order of 10 people, but like the Full-Service Buffet can be ordered for as many as you want.

Order for $4.99 a person

Chips & Salsa

It just isn’t a Mexican buffet without including chips and salsa as a side. Del Taco will deliver a large bag of their house chips along with a copious amount of salsa to ensure that your guests will be able to keep snacking throughout the night. Your guests will love the warm fresh chips and delicious house-made salsa.

Order yours for $7.99 for every 10-12 people


Every meal delivers a sweet finish, and the fresh cookies baked by Del Taco every day are the perfect way to round up a meal. Whether you’re serving just a few people or hundreds, you can order enough cookies to have them sated.

Get your cookies for $7.90 a dozen

Enjoy Del Taco’s Catering Offering

From the soft white tortillas to the brightly colored vegetables used to fill them, Del Taco brings a meal that feeds all the senses to your event. After 50 years of being in business, they’ve become experts at knowing exactly what makes their food delicious and ensures that your guests will be able to enjoy the best of what they have to offer. Whether you’re catering a family gathering or are looking for a delicious but inexpensive option to feed a large business affair, Del Taco will be happy to provide you with everything you need to have a great event.