Taco Cabana Catering Menu Prices

Find Taco Cabana Catering Menu & Popular Food Choices

If you’re looking for quick, easy Mexican food for your next function or event, why not try the Taco Cabana catering menu? It’s the perfect solution if you need affordable Mexican food in a hurry — they’re experts at delivering in short time frames.

Taco Cabana has made a name for itself as the premier fast food Mexican location in the country. They have locations spread throughout most major cities in the nation — they’re a good resource if you’re looking for consistency in your catering providers.

While Taco Cabana has a great regular menu that you can order from, they also have a catering menu for people who need to cater to large groups. If you’re looking to purchase food in bulk, they definitely have the ability to deliver the goods!

We’ve taken the hassle out of ordering from Taco Cabana by providing you the entire catering menu here!



Each serving includes 2 breakfast tacos, salsa roja, and your choice of coffee or orange juice. All costs are per serving.
Breakfast ExpressServes Under 100$4.89
Breakfast ExpressServes 100-199$4.39
Breakfast ExpressServes 200 Plus$3.89
Breakfast Tacos$1.30
Pan Dulce12$12.00
Build Your Own BreakfastServes Under 100$7.29
Build Your Own BreakfastServes 100-199$7.09
Build Your Own BreakfastServes 200 Plus$6.89


All costs are per serving.
Chips and Queso$1.00
Flauta Minis24$10.99
Flauta Minis With Dipping Sauce24$14.99
Quesadillas -SteakServes 3$8.75
Quesadillas -ChickenServes 4$7.75
Quesadillas -CheeseServes 5$6.75
Fresh Fruit or Veggie TraySmall (20 – 25)$45.00
Fresh Fruit or Veggie TrayMedium (30 – 35)$55.00
Fresh Fruit or Veggie TrayLarge (40 – 50)$65.00
Seven Layer DipSmall (20 – 25)$40.00
Seven Layer DipLarge (45 – 55)$75.00


All costs are per serving.
Fajitas -SteakServes Under 100$9.99
Fajitas -SteakServes 100-199$9.49
Fajitas -SteakServes 200 Plus$8.99
Fajitas -ChickenServes Under 100$8.99
Fajitas -ChickenServes 100-199$8.49
Fajitas -ChickenServes 200 Plus$7.99
Fajitas -MixedServes Under 100$9.49
Fajitas -MixedServes 100-199$8.99
Fajitas -MixedServes 200 Plus$8.49
TacosServes Under 100$7.49
TacosServes 100-199$6.99
TacosServes 200 Plus$6.49
Build Your Own Cabana Bowls and Salads -Steak FajitaServes Under 100$9.99
Build Your Own Cabana Bowls and Salads -Steak FajitaServes 100-199$9.49
Build Your Own Cabana Bowls and Salads -Steak FajitaServes 200 Plus$8.99
Build Your Own Cabana Bowls and Salads -Chicken FajitaServes Under 100$8.99
Build Your Own Cabana Bowls and Salads -Chicken FajitaServes 100-199$8.49
Build Your Own Cabana Bowls and Salads -Chicken FajitaServes 200 Plus$7.99
Build Your Own Cabana Bowls and Salads -Taco MeatServes Under 100$8.49
Build Your Own Cabana Bowls and Salads -Taco MeatServes 100-199$7.99
Build Your Own Cabana Bowls and Salads -Taco MeatServes 200 Plus$7.49
Nacho BarServes Under 100$6.49
Nacho BarServes 100-199$5.99
Nacho BarServes 200 Plus$5.99

Extras And Beverages

All costs are per serving.


Assorted Cookies$1.00
Fruit Mini Chimis$1.50
Chocolate Cajeta Cake$2.50
Pan Dulce Tray12$12.00


RicePer Gallon$20.00
BeansPer Gallon$20.00
QuesoPer Gallon$36.00
GuacamolePer Gallon$36.00

Gallon Drinks

Unsweetened Iced TeaPer Gallon$6.00
Sweet Iced TeaPer Gallon$6.00
Lemonade 6.00Per Gallon$6.00

Single Serving Drinks

Dasani Water$2.00
Simply Orange Juice$2.25
Chocolate Milk/Milk$2.00
Mexican Coca-Cola or Fanta$2.50
Coca-Cola canned products only$1.50


CoffeeServes 10-12$10.00

Popular Catering Choices at Taco Cabana

The great thing about Taco Cabana is that they have Mexican dishes for every time of day — breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You can be sure their flavorful menu items provide an affordable way to impress your guests, clients, or co-workers.

Fajitas, tacos, burritos, chips and salsa, Mexican breakfast tacos, and much, much more all feature on their extensive menu — there’s a little bit of something for everyone at Taco Cabana.

With a cult following, it’s sometimes best to see what other Taco Cabana customers enjoy. Below are their fan favorite menu items described in more detail!

One Pound of Chicken Fajita

It’s hard to go wrong with fajitas — they’re a Mexican favorite that is persistently popular at most Mexican or Tex-Mex establishments. You can order the marinated and grilled chicken from Taco Cabana by the pound if you’re looking to feed large groups of people

You can add toppings and condiments for an additional charge, but each order comes with your choice of 12 tortillas. Each pound will cost you $19.49.

Breakfast Tacos

If you want to get the day started right, the breakfast tacos from Taco Cabana are the perfect choice. They have a range of different choices, including bean and egg, fajita and egg, bacon and egg, potato and egg, chorizo and egg, and bean and cheese.

You can order a dozen of these tacos for $15.99.

Chips and Queso

It’s hard not to suggest the Chips and Queso if you’re ordering from a Mexican restaurant like Taco Cabana. This melted cheese dip with tortilla chips is the perfect way to provide a side dish or something for people to casually snack on while they are at your event or function.

A large Chips and Queso will cost you $3.99.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

It’s always nice to provide something sweet at the end of every catered meal, and fortunately Taco Cabana has some great options in the dessert department. If you’re looking to cater for a large group of people, Chocolate Chip Cookies are often the best way to ensure you have enough food for everyone.

You can order the cookies for just $.99 each!

Enjoy Taco Cabana’s Catering Offering

If you need food in a hurry, the best Mexican option in the country is Taco Bell. While it is considered fast food, this popular chain has much higher standards than other fast food Mexican restaurants around the nation.

One of the largest draw cards with Taco Cabana is that the food quality is similar to that of a traditional restaurant, while the prices are just as cheap as other fast food establishments. Their large, loyal customer base is a testament to how great their different food options are.

You can order for large groups directly online, and you can also order meals from their regular menu as well. Make sure to check out everything they have on offer prior to making any decisions — they have a truly extensive menu that is packed to the brim with flavor!